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Did you know that your blood type really reflects some aspects of your personality? Indeed, this one would reflect not only our personality but would also have an influence on our psychology. In this article we propose you to discover the personality and peculiarities of the people of the blood group O.

According to many scientists, people with blood group O come from warrior and hunter ancestors. And it is true that we can find similar traits like for example optimism, loyalty or loyalty and a preponderant stress-related defect.

The personality of the blood group O

We can say that the blood group O has been lucky enough because they have an authentic personality that often allows them to succeed socially.

They are known for their loyalty in friendship as well as in love, they love to support their loved ones as well as their friends. They are very quick-witted and help them on a professional level. They are punctual, perfectionist and often take initiatives to succeed in what they have undertaken.

However during a stressful situation they can sometimes have trouble managing their emotions. Reason why he often forgets to take the time to rest, which can lead to depressive personalities.

Much stronger genetics

According to the researchers, the genetics of O blood group people would be much stronger as for example it would be much less a victim of certain diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. On top of that they do not have the Adants-7 gene that causes the appearance of heart diseases. Moreover their body has a low diode and thyroid hormones which reduces the risk of being a victim of ulcers or disruption of the thyroid gland.

In addition, the blood group O is very generous because indeed as it does not have antigen it can give to all other groups. But unfortunately he can only receive from his group.

The needs of the blood group O:

People with blood group O would have different needs than other groups, for example according to Dr. Peter James Adamo’s book “4 blood group” people in group O would require a lot more omega 3 as well as animal protein.

Goat’s milk would be very beneficial for these people however the coffee would be consumed with great moderation because it would promote the increase in adrenaline.

A daily physical exercise is necessary for people in group O, it is also recommended the practice of endurance so that he can maintain good health.

As we said at the beginning of the article the blood group has an influence on personalities. This is why in some countries, for example in Japan, blood type is taken into consideration and group O is considered as the most serious group, the most organized and those who assume their responsibilities.

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