Do not spend your money on pedicures: Use these 2 ingredients in your kitchen and make your feet look better than ever!

With the approach of summer, the feet need more air and attention, to prevent them from sweating and stinking. This part of the body is often the most neglected, especially in winter when the feet are still buried in big shoes, while they need regular care. Indeed, feet lacking care may be subject to cracks or crevices in the heels. A very awkward unsightly problem, especially when you feel like putting on your pretty sandals.

Dry, cracked heels are not only uncomfortable to see, but they can also be very painful. Fortunately, a natural ingredient, which you will find in your kitchen, is able to exert an amazing effect on the toughest heels: It is baking soda, a natural substance with powerful antiseptic properties to treat all infections on your heels.

How to prevent the cracking of heels?

The cracking of the heels is a consequence of the dehydration of this part with an appearance of cracks and painful micro-wounds. It is therefore necessary to maintain regular hydration of the feet each day. You can also think about using a rasp to ensure the flexibility of the heels and their softness.

We must also refrain from wearing shoes without pillars whose role is to maintain the foot. Flat shoes are also to be banned to prevent the problem of cracking heels.

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