Do you have the letter M on the palm of your hands? Here is what it means!

letter M on the palm ? It is said that the lines of the hands can reveal many things about your character and your destiny … And it turns out that people whose lines form an “M” on the palm can be very special …

letter M on the palm
The interpretation of the lines of the hand is a practice known as chiromancy, practiced for centuries, especially in India and China. This practice examines each part of the hand (the shape of the hands, fingers, nails and palm lines), and the interpretation usually concerns the character and future of the person, as well as his or her love life.

The palm of the hands has several lines, including:

letter M on the palm : The life line
According to palmistry, the lifeline is one of the most important lines of the palm of the hands. Traced between the thumb and forefinger and ending at the base of the Mount of Venus, the line of life represents life and the highlights of an existence. A short life line indicates instability, while a broken line may represent risks or difficult times that may occur. Note that the length of the lifeline does not mean a longer life …

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