Eat this every day at breakfast to get rid of the extra pounds!

We hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for lack of time or early appetite, many people do not hesitate to jump! However, the benefits of this meal are indisputable if we want to optimize our energy of the day and even lose our extra pounds. Light or more plentiful, we often wonder what is the best menu to take in the morning to have a good day …

The answer to this question was provided by a recent study published by The Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism stating that the best option for breakfast is oats, queen of cereals.

This study was conducted on 36 individuals, divided into 3 groups. At breakfast, the first group ate oats, the second group of cornflakes and the last drank only water.

The three hours after the meal, all participants had to continually report their level of satiety and take blood samples to monitor their insulin and blood glucose levels.

At lunch, the three groups were entitled to the same menu.

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