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If the break is almost never wanted on both sides because in the couple because there is always one who did not want to break, it does not prevent that in some cases the separation is irreversible. When one of you has made an unforgivable mistake, you may decide not to give him a second chance, so from one side to the other regardless of your role in the separation you feel pain.

When we live a separation and we know that we will not get back with his ex, it’s over, it is better for his well being to place the loved one in the past to rebuild and to be able to fall in love with another person or simply turn the page. But what are the tips to forget his ex when we are still madly in love? How can one no longer think of one’s ex? Can we really get someone out of their thoughts or is it too difficult?

Yes, it’s not easy but by dint of courage, we can all get there. So STOP nostalgic thoughts. STOP the honeyed messages we send. STOP to nervous crises. STOP the crises of tears. Nevertheless, if you want to be happy as a single person there are steps that will help you heal faster from your heartache and get you back on the ground. Discover in this article the tricks to forget your ex and not let yourself be defeated

Why not want to come back with his ex?

Whether the break up dating back to a year or two days, the rules are the same. You have to realize that we always idealize (in a more or less strong way) the person with whom we were in a relationship, which is why we can be affected in an exaggerated way when that person becomes our ex.

The breakup should make you aware of the various mistakes that have occurred in your relationship and that each of you had flaws, it is precisely necessary to insist on his own to remember why we want to forget it.

It is important not to change your mind every 2 days and not to know exactly what you want because it is in this way that we do not move forward and that we are constantly in a situation embarrassing. By doing this post-rupture assessment we will realize that he / she was not perfect and that we can perfectly advance in his life without necessarily needing his presence.

Whether because of his character, distance, betrayal, there are lots of reasons why we do not want to get his ex back even if we still have feelings because I am aware that you are many (his) to be in this situation.

The distance to start thinking about his ex

After a relationship of several months, several years of memories have obviously been created and a complicity has necessarily emerged. That’s why, at first glance, forgetting an ex seems impossible to you. Nevertheless, you can do it, despite the feeling generated by the absence of your ex, there are exercises to put in place to get you out of this situation.

Some people react very badly when they experience a break-up by rehearsing all the memories lived with the loved one, by wearing their clothes, trying to find themselves in their path. If you do not intend to put you in couple, stop acting as if you wanted to win back your ex because he / she belongs to the past.

Why is it essential to do so and use tricks to forget his ex?

Because it hurts you, to see that your ex may be happy or at least less depressed than you, and because even if you wanted to recover it you will not be able to do it. invading his field of vision that way.

Stay away from your memories. If your entire city makes you think of your ex, go for another. Throw away his gifts and letters, erase his messages. If you have friends who are just talking about him / her, stay away.

Escape his name as the plague as long as you feel something to his simple saying. Thus you will be well on your way to forgetting the one who has shared your life since you will no longer be confronted with him or her. The distance, the fact of cutting the contact with his ex but not to make a radio silence to recover / it but to really put an end to the various exchanges is necessary to leave the one with whom we broke of our spirit.

The best tips to forget his ex!

It is not enough to wait to forget his ex can also set up actions!

To reassure oneself by accepting that it is normal to suffer after a rupture
When you experience a breakup you tend to close yourself and no longer want to talk to anyone, so you sometimes end up talking to yourself in your head. The thought that we will not be able to recover from the separation is stronger and we can not exteriorize our feelings. Yet we have so much to say that they get entangled in our heads and confuse us.

If you want to move on, it will be necessary to place words on your separation because many people still suffer years later because they did not dare to express themselves. When we have just parted we have the impression that each of our acquaintances lives happiness and that their partner never makes them suffer.

So we come to wonder “why me” when few people have not suffered a break. If you ever ask your friends, you will realize that this suffering is common but that it is not fatal and that we can get out of it.

The help of loved ones to forget their ex

Usually when you invest in a relationship, you tend to put your family, your friends and your entire social circle aside for the one you love. However, to turn the page after a painful break your loved ones are of invaluable help. You must return to them sincerely so that he / she will help you through this painful ordeal.

Being single does not prevent you from visiting your parents on weekends, check your directory and call your friends to reconnect. Do not be afraid that they are resentful because everyone has already gone through this stage and they will understand you.

To forget your ex you must continue to enjoy life, frequent the places where you feel good to have a clear mind. Your friends are here, too. They can help you turn the page. Do what you enjoy with them. It will do you good to feel surrounded by someone who will not betray you! Choose a few cool outings that make you think of something other than your ex haunting you.

Turn the page after a separation

To forget an ex, it is recommended to remove it from Facebook and any other social network that could publish its news. If you are sad, nothing is more unpleasant than to see that the other has fun and does not seem to think of you at all. By zapping all sources of information, you avoid sluggishness.

For optimal recovery, forget his phone number, delete it from your phonebook. It’s also a good way to stop thinking about your ex. By keeping it, you take the risk of recontacting it for unreliable reasons or, worse, sending distress SMS messages when you are upset.

Focus on yourself to get your ex out of your head

One of the best ways to forget your ex is not to talk about him, but about you! What you feel, what you want to do, what you do not want … Be selfish and take care of yourself. It is important to be a priority, something that we may not have done when we were in a relationship.

If you can not stand being knocked out and finding yourself alone overnight, that’s normal. Breakup is not an obvious part of life, especially if you have to see the news of your ex or just hear about him. We must know how to find the right way to relegate to the rank of unknown

Coaching to build a personal development plan

You can also talk to a coach who will help you rebuild and will work on your image and your self-esteem. This will in addition to avoid errors like sending a long message to the loved one

To put aside his ex, you must also forget all your memory with him / her. It’s not easy but it works. Start, for now, by avoiding the places that you rubbed together. They are borrowed from nostalgia. These places, instead of reassuring you, pushes you into your depression.

When a reconquest is impossible, you have to be clear with yourself, there are things that started with two and can only be solved with two. When the story was serious, both sides mourn the relationship and to understand and rebuild you must have explanations (or give).

But if the other refuses to do so, it is useless to look for what it costs to have some. Of course it’s better but do not make it an absolute requirement. For this reason it is better to get explanations directly to the source rather than to speculate, but it is to be done only when one does not understand the break and the things that reproach me.

Know that whatever your decision, there are tips to forget his ex and it is perfectly possible to get better soon after separation through a personalized support.

Find someone to forget their ex

We often think that it is by having a new person in his life that we manage to forget the other and for some men and some women it is the solution that works.

Because what must make you want to move forward and relearn how to live without your ex in two things: the opportunity to make a new meeting that will make you live a much more intense relationship, and the desire to see your ex again his life too. When we have loved someone, we can only wish him to find happiness in his future life.

Your break must not be synonymous with hatred and malice, you must stay true to yourself and do not judge love based on what you have experienced recently.

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