Every woman should have a vibro, word of gynecologist

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Gynecologist Hilda Hutcherson goes into girlfriend mode in the magazine Redbook: vibrator, panties, tampons, hair removal … she reveals some personal tips.

Finally a funky medical prescription!
According to Hilda Hutcherson, stimulation is essential for any woman. Especially spent 35 years.
“Vibrators must be an integral part of sexuality, and with age, the level of estrogen starts to go down and the clitoris becomes less sensitive, it can start as early as age 35.” She says.
So, ready for some vibro tonight?

Vibrators: as we are nice, we help you choose …

A panties at night? Your worst enemy

Did you know that underwear can develop bacteria and sometimes be responsible for infections?
“If you notice that” it “does not smell good, it does not come from the vagina but bacteria that develop because of the fact that your vulva is permanently stuck to your underwear.It is even worse winter when women wear tights and jeans over, obviously you do not want to be Paris Hilton in the office, so wear underwear during the day but as soon as you get home, take off your panties. not at night. ”
Thanks Hilda!

The stamp, this sneaky companion

According to the gynecologist, wearing a tampon would increase stomach cramps during menstruation:
“It delays the emptying of the uterus.”
The ideal for her would be to alternate between tampons and sanitary napkins.
The embarrassment of choice … what are we complaining about?

No Brazilian hair removal before going to the gynecologist

For some, going to the gynecologist without being shaved is like going to the dentist without brushing your teeth before. It’s not serious, but not very hospitable.
Erratum! Hilda sweeps this idea away from speculum:
“I’ve seen a lot of blisters and redness from hair removal, which makes it difficult to see the whole thing because you do not always see the difference between what’s really bad, like inflammation or infection, and the swelling due to the trauma of hair removal, I promise you it’s better to come to nature than freshly shaved before a gynecological appointment! ”

It would almost want to see his gynecologist more often. He, at least, he loves us naturally … with our hair.

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