Every woman should know these 7 tips that help maintain a good personal hygiene

Some women are often faced with vaginal problems. These annoyances are bothersome and sometimes they dare not talk to their doctor … However, by adopting an intimate hygiene with simple tricks, any woman can naturally prevent infections. Here are some solutions for a healthy vagina.

If you follow these simple steps, you can easily keep a vagina healthy and prevent diseases and other infections. Indeed, the vagina is naturally acidic and contains bacteria beneficial to the health that allow to have a stable pH and to keep the infections at a distance. Like saliva that facilitates the removal of bacteria and cleaning the mouth, vaginal secretions allow the vagina to remain clean.

Vaginal infection: what is it?

A vaginal infection is caused by bacteria or yeasts. It is sometimes characterized by pain in this particularly sensitive area. An inflammation of the vagina is called vaginitis: it is characterized by itching, a change in smell, texture and color of vaginal secretions. If it is a yeast infection, the losses are often whitish. In case of bacterial infection, the losses are often yellow and nauseating. These symptoms may be accompanied by redness in the vulva, irritation at the time of urination, genital lesions, etc.

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