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So what is the recognition that we have found “the” person we need? A team of love and relationship specialists will tell you about the revealing signs here.

It is enough to pronounce the word “soul mate” in society to see some people at once open their eyes. The idea that there is a magical being, just for you, that you will fall in love with instantly and that will never contradict you is an illusion.

The person who really exists, at least for most people, is the one you instinctively guess, with whom you communicate deeply and who allows you to flourish as a human being in the relationship. If it turns out that this person is your partner, then you have had a really special meeting.

So, what is the recognition that we have found “the” person we need? A team of love and relationship specialists will tell you about the revealing signs here.

1. You communicate without the need to speak

The soul mates can read each other’s thoughts as in an open book. “They communicate deeply at all levels of the human” as explained in the Huffington Post Dr. Carmen Harra, clinical psychologist and specialist in human relations. “One of them will finish the other’s sentence, they call each other on the phone at the same time, or they just can not do without each other. ”

Dr. Sue Johnson, clinical psychologist and author of the book Love Sense, told us that a soul mate also knows how to respond to your emotional signs. “She is close to you when you confide in, give her full attention and anticipate your demands, stroking your hand to reassure you, smiling and hugging you when you are happy, and comforting you tenderly when you feel wrong, “she added.

2. You are sure that you have found “the” person

The old adage that says “When we know, we know” sounds right when it comes to the soul mate. “There’s no need to guess or ask questions when we meet the soul mate,” Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway, author, who celebrates weddings, told TheHuffington Post. “We usually hear a tell-tale sign that warns us that true love is there – a small voice in your head, a sense of gratitude, or a deep conviction that the person we just met is” the right person. ” ”

3. Chemistry operates

… and the electric current that runs through you is not just sexual in nature. “Holding the hand of your soul mate throws your mind into a whirlwind even after several years,” added Dr. Carmen Harra.

4. You feel totally at ease with your soul mate from day one

From the outset, soul mates communicate without any embarrassment and reveal their true nature without fear of being judged. “Soul mates often feel familiar with each other and immediately feel at ease,” said Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway. “Many people admit that it is easier to relax with that person and to be able to let go of their vulnerability. ”

“It’s the one that opens up to you, that lets you come to it, in all transparency,” said Dr. Sue Johnson. “It’s the kind of person who does not hesitate to take risks and shares with you his inner world, his emotions and his needs. ”

5. But the relationship is not always heavenly. He or she challenges you like no one else

The relationship with the soul mate, despite what people may think, is not always a long calm river. “The soul mate does not always reach perfection, from a physical point of view or in terms of personal situation; the relationship will not always continue without a change either. Said Kailen Rosenberg, author, of The Love Architects dating agency. “In fact, the difference is that personal situations and big challenges create a fabulous energy that coalesces your relationship despite hardships and helps everyone to express the best of themselves. ”

In addition, we can rely on our soul mate to evolve as a person. “You may find that a soul mate relationship is tense and your partner provokes you and poisons the situation early because he or she gives you some hard-to-accept lessons,” said Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway.

6. You do not always have the same vision of some details, but you look in the same direction for what is important

“A sister-soul relationship does not mean that both partners always share the same opinion, but that their goals and ambitions are consistent,” said Dr. Carmen Harra. “Sister souls may have different opinions on unimportant matters, but they generally have the same qualities and values, and look at the world with the same eyes. ”

7. The relationship brings to both partners a sense of appeasement

It is obvious that when you are not with the right person, you do not feel safe in the relationship and that we fear that the slightest misstep our partner leaves us. This is not the case with soul mates.

“You’re sure your partner will not leave you anytime soon,” said Tracey Steinberg, dating specialist and author of Flirt for fun and Meet The One. “No matter what happens in your lives, you know that you are teaming up and sharing everything.” She continued, “Your inner voice tells you that you live in a healthy relationship, you trust each other, you feel comfortable and do not be afraid to approach sensitive topics with maturity.”

8. You and your partner are different entities but face the world as a unique being

“The soulmates recognize that they are two parts of a whole, and nothing and no one will break that link,” said Dr. Carmen Harra.

9. You have known each other for years, but can fall back in love every day


When one approaches the subject of true love, time becomes important. “I married so many people who met in high school or in their twenties, made appointments, broke up, moved or went to the same circle of friends without ever communicating”, said Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway at the Huffington Post. “Then one day they fall on each other, sometimes magically, and all of a sudden love breaks out.” Always keep your mind and heart open to answer your soul mate when she knocks on the door.

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