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Fire breathing is a very beneficial breathing technique for the body, but it should be done with caution. For this you will need to help supervise an instructor if you are not used to it.

Pranayama is a yoga breathing technique that consists of several breathing exercises that complement the asanas of each yoga modality. Fire breathing is one of these pranayamas and has many benefits for the body.

One of the most important factors of yoga is breathing, as it allows the yogi to relax by inhaling and exhaling deeply while performing the asanas. Calm the mind, release tension and oxygenate the brain.

What is the breath of fire?

The Sanskrit name for fire breathing is “kapalabhati” where “kapala” and translates to “skull” and “bhati” as “cleanse”. The meaning of the breath of fire therefore refers to the purification of the spirit.

This exercise helps to control anxiety, nervousness, worry, sadness, pain, fear, etc. The most common position for making this pranayama is that of the lotus.

How is the breathing of fire practiced?

Breathing fire is to gently inhale (if you are a beginner) and deeply through the nose to fill the lungs and exhale forcefully to expel all the air.

Exhalation is also achieved with the nose and the abdomen must be contracted to the spine, which stimulates the diaphragm.

The rhythm of breathing increases as the student learns the technique of breathing fire.

What are the benefits of breathing fire?


The practice of fire breathing has many benefits, mainly related to the emotivity and the functioning of the body. Discover all the benefits of fire breathing.

1. It facilitates the control of stressful situations

By breathing in a controlled manner, the concentration increases and the mind is released from negative energies, including stress. When we are stressed, the diaphragm contracts inward, just to the area of ​​the solar plexus, where all our emotions are stored.

Through the breathing of fire, emotions can flow and be released from our body, if necessary, to balance our body and improve our mental and physical health. Fire breathing will also help you control stress.

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2. It purifies the blood and expels the toxins from the lungs


The breathing of the fire improves circulation and the blood is purified due to the amount of oxygen it receives. The respiratory system is also purified by deep and complete inhalations and exhalations.

When all the air is expelled, no residue remains inside the respiratory system. In this way, fresh, clean air arrives in the lungs when inhaled again.

3. It increases the lung capacity

Humans do not usually use the lungs at their maximum capacity because they breathe in a limited way. They make short breaths that do not completely fill the lungs with air.

If you practice breathing the fire on a regular basis, the lungs will get used to gradually storing more air.

4. It strengthens the navel chakra, which is the third chakra

The navel chakra, also called Manipura, is responsible for controlling emotions. It is the largest and most powerful chakra of all. This third chakra is related to all our actions and emotions.

Have you ever felt a “void in your stomach” when you are afraid or sad? This is probably due to the manifestation of this chakra in your body.

5. It promotes memory and concentration

By breathing deeply, not only does the blood get better oxygen, but the brain does it too. This increases our cognitive abilities and concentration because the brain is functioning properly.

6.It stimulates the functioning of the digestive system


The digestive system is activated because of the constant movement of the diaphragm during this breathing exercise.

In this way, you will also get benefits in digestion and avoid stomach upset.


If you start practicing the breathing of fire, always do it under the supervision of your instructor until you learn to master it. It is a delicate technique that requires time and patience.

Do not breathe quickly if you are a beginner because you can get dizzy. Your respiratory system is not used to receiving and rapidly expelling as much air. Let him get used to it gradually so as not to overload him.

If you feel dizzy, stop the exercise. Do not continue if you start feeling bad because, because of the sudden shock of the air inside the lungs, they can get tired and make you lose consciousness.

Listen to your body, the important thing is to always maintain a healthy workout. You must perform breathing with the supervision of your instructor.


This breathing exercise is contraindicated in pregnant or menstruating women. It is also not recommended for patients with epilepsy, hypertension, pulmonary effusion or cardiovascular disease.

The breathing of the fire is undoubtedly a technique beneficial for your health because it increases your mental and pulmonary capacity. You can focus on everything that happens in you and make you more aware of your being.

However, it is an exercise that must be done with caution if you are a beginner or even if you have already done so before, but want to require a little more of your body. The key to yoga is to be very patient in performing the exercises. You will not see the progress overnight, but you will surely see it at some point.

Continue the practice of fire breathing with responsibility and discipline.

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Yoga has become an indispensable practice for many people. They seek well-being at all levels, physical and mental, to enjoy life more and feel better about themselves. Yoga practice can help us connect with the present moment and avoid anxiety and stress issues. It also allows us to achieve greater flexibility and multiple physical benefits. In this article, we explain why yoga is recommended. There are many types of physical activity that you can choose to be fit. Today, we are going to focus on one of them in particular, which is very popular today.

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