Firm abs program, 10 easy board exercises that you can do at home every morning

Firm abs program ? A tonic belly, firm, well-wrapped, you dream? What if you went from fantasy to reality? But of course if, that’s quite possible. Every morning, you reserve 5 minutes and hop, hop, hop, you put yourself in it. With these board exercises to mobilize your deep muscles too. Sheathing, bodybuilding, 10 simple exercises to wear abdominals hell. Ready?

Firm abs program

1. Firm abs program – The basis: the cladding in plank

You rest on the forearms and toes, being careful to check that your whole body is well aligned. If you stoop, you risk to hurt your back.
By controlling, you will have to contract the belly, as if you were trying to swallow your belly button while staying straight.
And you want, more and more each morning. At the beginning, you have 20 seconds, then 30, then 40, then 1 min, then 1 min 30 etc.

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