Fort Boyard: A candidate forgotten in the cell of a test found 7 years later

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La Rochelle – Stupor and incomprehension for France Television after the discovery of this weekend. A man, a former Fort Boyard candidate, said he was forgotten during a test of the famous game in one of the cells, more than seven years ago. Reportage.The emaciated face, emaciated, Aymeric Ledeb comes back from far.

The man, currently hospitalized at the University Hospital of La Rochelle, has not yet told the full story to the investigators but we gradually begin to understand what happened. “It was during a test of the show recorded on the Fort. He had to find a key in a series of jars filled with mice, insects and other slimy materials.

Unfortunately, he was not able to finish on time and he remained a prisoner as the rule requires, “said a policeman. For some reason so far unexplained, the rest of his teammates will then forget him in his cell after the end of the show. “Everyone thought he had come home on his own, or that he was upset that he did not want to talk to the rest of the team,” says Ingrid, her teammate at the time.

The recording ended, all the teams then return to the continent, leaving Aymeric to his sad fate. “The event was canceled on the next show and we stopped using that part of the Fort for filming. No one went to see this cell, which was forgotten later.

There are hundreds of such cells throughout the Fort, “explains Colin Jamiel, producer of the show. The very thick walls of the site will contain calls for help from Aymeric. The young man will survive miraculously by feeding on spiders, mice, rats and roots.

The calvary of Aymeric will last seven long years. Until this weekend, when a team responsible for the renovation of parts of the Fort reopens its cell. They discover a pale man, long hair, almost blind.

Caught immediately by the relief, the man is quickly hospitalized. “While we were looking after him, we noticed that he was holding something in his hand, a small key,” says one of the firefighters. Which would prove that Aymeric had almost passed the test at the time.

For the moment the former candidate has not expressed any willingness to sue his former comrades and the production of the show. If he wins such a lawsuit, the owners of the Fort could well pay a huge sum of their famous boyars to repair the moral damage, potentially endangering the future of the show.

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