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Eliminating cellulite, responsible for the appearance of orange peel on certain parts of the body, is not an easy task! Unsightly, it resists most of the time the most intensive sports sessions, the strictest diets and the most expensive beauty treatments … To help you get rid of them, here are 4 very simple and effective anti-cellulite techniques.

What is cellulite?
Cellulite affects all women, regardless of age or weight, whether they are round or very thin. It is due to inflammation of the skin tissue, and is usually located on the buttocks and thighs (sometimes the belly). It consists of a mass of fat located under the epidermis, which is responsible for the “orange peel” appearance of the skin. There are three types of cellulite: fat (excess weight), watery (related to water retention), fibrous (infiltrated and painful).

4 simple and effective anti-cellulite techniques

Anti-cellulite technique # 1: the coffee scrub
Have you ever heard of the anti-cellulite virtues of coffee grounds? Indeed, thanks to its exfoliating action, coffee helps promote the elimination of excess water, promoting microcirculation. To notice a decrease in the appearance of orange peel, the coffee must be used regularly (preferably every day) in the form of coffee grounds (body scrub). You can prepare a cup of ground coffee with water, and then massage with a glove the most “critical” areas. Let the coffee rest for a few minutes on the massaged parts then rinse.

Anti-Cellulite Technique # 2: The Scottish Shower
The Scottish shower is a shower technique that alternates jets of cold water and hot water. It has toning virtues because it stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. The Scottish shower allows tissue oxygenation and better elimination of toxins that will reduce the appearance of “orange peel”. Practiced every morning, muscles and skin will be more toned and cellulite reduced.

Anti-cellulite technique n ° 3: treatment with ivy extract
Ivy is a part of many slimming creams, because it has very powerful active ingredients that help fight against cellulite. In addition to its effectiveness against cellulite, it also helps reduce stretch marks. Ivy extract increases the elasticity of the skin and helps to reduce the fat deposits that lodge under the epidermis.

Highly used in herbal medicine to relieve oily coughs and clear the airways, ivy extract is often recommended as an adjunct to dieting.

How to proceed ?
In a bottle, pour 100 ml of olive oil and 30 ml of ivy extract. Mix the preparation well then massage the areas most affected by cellulite every night before going to bed. You will soon see a clear decrease in cellulite.

Another tip of grandmother: apply on the areas most affected by cellulite warm compresses with decoctions of ivy leaves, previously boiled in a liter of water. The ideal is to apply these compresses after a massage to optimize their effectiveness.

Anti cellulite technique n ° 4: massage, a must to eliminate cellulite
To overcome this cellulite that spoils your life, nothing like a good massage to practice yourself at home! To practice this massage, get yourself a massage roller that will promote blood circulation and eliminate toxins trapped in the tissues (responsible for the appearance of cellulite).

To maximize the effectiveness of this massage, apply an ivy oil to the most affected areas immediately after your shower. Then massage these areas with the massage roller until the oil is completely absorbed by the skin.

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