Gossip dies when it reaches the ear of an intelligent person

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The mechanism often works the same way: a hypocrite creates a rumor for it to spread and the ingenuous believes in it without resistance.

The epidemic of rumors ends only when they reach the ears of an intelligent person, until the vaccinated heart does not listen or respond to what makes no sense.

In a book published in 1947 by social psychologist Gordon Allport and entitled “The psychology of rumors”, he explains something very curious to us: gossip is used to cohere groups of people and to position oneself towards someone ‘a.

In the same way, these behaviors are pleasant, release endorphins and fight against the stress.

The tongue has no bone and yet it is strong enough to hurt and poison through gossip and rumors.

A deadly virus is eradicated only when it reaches the ears of an intelligent person.

The gossip is often transformed into a social control mechanism that grants a certain power to those who practice it.

It is at the center of the attention of the group of people receptive to any rumor, any twisted information that allows them to get out of their routine and take advantage of this new stimulation as a distraction.

As is often said, gossips do not know how to be happy. They are far too busy camouflaging their bitterness in vain and superfluous tasks that needlessly validate their self-esteem.

We invite you to think about this.


The psychology of the relentless gossip

The psychology of gossip and rumors is quite topical. For example, consider the speed with which a rumor based or unfounded in the world of social networks spreads.

The Internet is already a real brain where data grows as interconnected neurons to feed us with information that is not always true or respectful of others.

On the other hand, experts in marketing and advertising often give as an example of the “fatal and relentless rumor” the case of “Tropical Fantasy” soda.

Released on the market in 1990, it had an almost immediate success in the United States, until suddenly, there arises a rumor as terrifying as absurd.

It was said that these cheap sodas were created by the Ku Klux Klan for a very clear purpose.

Their low cost made it possible for a large part of the African-American population with limited resources to access it.

In his recipe, hiding supposedly a very dark objective: spoil the sperm quality of African Americans so that they can not have children anymore.

Nobody knows why or who started the flame of this rumor, but the impact was disastrous.

The brand “Tropical Fantasy” took years to recover, so much so that even today, they never forget to include black people in their ads.


Even knowing that this is not true, the emotional footprint persists. This is the clear example of one of the most echoed rumors in the world.

Defend yourself from rumors and gossip

Whether we like it or not, our society is built on power relations where rumors are real guns.

The truths manipulated are useful for many people, who manage to find a place through them and get very real benefits.

Thus, it is necessary that we be always that intelligent ear that acts as a barrier, which slows down the offenses, the nonsense, the false information and the spark of this fire that always wants to take someone with him.

To better understand these psychological processes so common in our social contexts, we propose to take into account the pillars that support the complex psychology of rumor, gossip and the naive that spreads it.


Popular wisdom always tells us that to break a chain, you just have to break a link.

If the rumor acts like a real virus in our professional environment, in our family or in our circle of knowledge, it is necessary to help us of people of confidence so that they act as dams of contention.

  • The rumors spread when there is someone who wants to make his butter on our backs. Faced with these behaviors, we can act in two ways: either by turning a deaf ear to the absurd, or by acting with assertiveness, by setting limits and by clarifying things.
  • We must be aware that in any organization, community of neighbors or groups of colleagues or friends, there will be an official “ragotor”, ie a lover of rumors.
  • We must always be honest, transparent and not fuel this type of behavior by spreading the virus of rumor or gossip. It is necessary to know also that it is not easy to discredit a rumor, because the words are not always enough.
    It sometimes takes strong facts to discredit or demonstrate the improbable of this rumor.

Gossip dies when it reaches the ear of an intelligent person

The forked tongues will always accompany us one way or another, so the best thing to do is to avoid being one of them and remember that the rumors are for the vermin and the information for wise ears.

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