grandparents caring for their grandchildren leave a trace in their souls

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Some people are essential in our lives, they represent our feelings and emotions in their greatest intensity.

Grandparents are one of those unique, touching and unforgettable people.

They symbolize these looks of complicity, this permissive and comprehensive game of excessive consent that cries the parents.

They are our memories full of kindness and tenderness, stories full of unexpected turns, white knights floating in the air and whose eyes shine with the glow of the sun, facing a path feeling the warmth of those hands that are not that love and understanding.

Their biggest and most beautiful gift: the roots that mark an indelible emotional trace in the heart of their grandchildren with their scent of shared secrets, small details, dedication, respect and unconditionality.

Grandparents have a doctorate in love

The educational style of the grandparents is full of benefits for the child. Why ? Because grandparents caring for their children teach them many lessons, such as:

  • Activities like gardening, cooking, etc.
  • Family traditions and stories: Children are surprised to know that their parents were also children one day.
  • Songs, games and tales of yesteryear that are full of beauty and lessons.

On the other hand, their position in the family as well as their accumulated experience guarantees a style of education from which it is extremely positive for the children to become immersed. In fact, grandparents generally tend to:

  • Being more patient and less stressed on a daily basis, which allows them to be more affectionate with the child, and to show him constantly an emotional interest through empathic listening.
  • Make emotional communication a basic thing, which allows grandchildren to feel better understood by their grandparents than by their parents.
  • Correct with their grandchildren the mistakes they may have made with their children and, as a result, renew the parents’ vision of certain aspects.
  • Being much less critical and focusing more on positive things than negative things, emphasizing the child’s strengths rather than weaknesses.
  • Help their grandchildren to be independent of their parents, but also to socialize with people of all ages.
  • They often act as advocates for their grandchildren, serving as a bridge to validate feelings and other complications that are an obstacle to living together and to communication between parents and children.
  • To be an essential emotional support for their grandchildren in a situation of crisis and family detachment such as separation.

But beware, grandparents are not the only ones to leave traces in the heart; Grandchildren also bring vitality, joy and support to their grandparents in an immeasurable way.

By taking care of their grandchildren, grandparents rediscover the world through the prism of constant astonishment, innocence, and the most unconditional love.

But this impression is false, because everyone has his place, everyone has his role in the life of a child.
It’s amazing to see all the grandparents’ love for their grandchildren by giving them treats, giving them pocket money secretly, giving them nice gifts, cooking their dishes favorites, by preparing 4 different menus for 4 different children, or by making them winks full of complicity.

One could then believe that in such conditions, if the children love their grandparents, it is for what they give them and not for what they are, but that is not the case; grandchildren love to spend evenings with their grandparents.

And this, among other things, because these evenings are placed under the sign of love, attention and affection.

The fact of their grandparents remember every detail makes childhood a unique and special moment. And, because they are kings who will never be dethroned.

The grandparents’ love for their grandchildren is so immense that they can not help but show it to them in every possible way.

With the cooking, the gifts, the sweets, the presence, the kisses, the little full bags to deprive them of nothing, and with an attention which detaches the hearth from all the other places.

And when the grandparents are gone, it’s not the chocolates that kids regret, but what they mean: talking with their grandparents and hearing their words of encouragement, love and wisdom.

Finally, grandparents are the biggest fans of their grandchildren, and the ones who most strongly support their perseverance, talent, determination and success.

No one but the grandparents perceives so well the decided attitude of their grandchildren, their favorite songs and their bright eyes impregnated with passion.

Nobody can look at grandchildren with as much tenderness as their grandparents who take care of them, just as no one will ever marvel as much as they do of time passing as a trace that takes shape small to small.

A tenderness that trains children, protects them in a unique way, that is not always understandable, and that is completely indescribable.

That’s why grandparents who take care of their grandchildren leave an indelible trace in their soul, a great emotional legacy.

Because all these whims and gifts, all these times they run too fast to calm the grief of their grandchildren, the development of these is marked by a full love and, of course, pure and unconditional love.

This is why grandparents’ attention reflects a pure love full of joys and goals. Children perceive this overflowing generosity as a tenderness so disproportionate that it dazzles them. Sometimes parents may feel that grandparents take their place by giving children everything they want without ever blaming them.

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