He hides a camera at the elderly center where his mother lives. What he discovers? HORRIBLE!

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Most of us, or should I say practically everyone could not stand to see that our moms are in pain. But what would you do if you find someone is abusing your mom? Look at what this son did for his mother who endured all the ills in a nursing home for the elderly.
This man named Camille introduced his mother to a nursing home where people can take care of her while he works. Next door, he thought putting his mother to the nursing home would be the biggest for her, but he was very flawed.

When he gets to see his mother, he notices bruises and scratches on his face. This is the moment when Camille decides to set up a digital camera hidden in her mother’s bedroom to see what’s going on inside her bedroom while he’s gone.

N.B: Yet we must thank medical teams and nurses for their care around the world He was taller than stunned when he checked the camera. He noticed how these employees blown nostrils into his mother’s mattress covers, he noticed how different residents are walking in his mother’s room. He also found that these employees are putting pressure on his mother to put on diapers, and it was obvious in the video that the person concerned does not need to put them online.

After watching this awful video, Camille then took the lead in posting the video on the CEO of the nursing home. And as expected, the general manager was amazed at what he noticed.
“It will not be accepted. Based mainly on what I see on the preliminary inquiry, it is totally unacceptable “

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