Her husband cheats on her, she writes a letter to her mistress and the result is perfect

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To be deceived by the person with whom you share your life is a horrible thing that no one should have to endure. Unfortunately, it happens every day …

On Facebook, after discovering that her husband was cheating on her with a certain Jennifer, a woman named Melanie posted a response letter to her husband’s mistress just perfect! By reading it, the one who broke their relationship had to make a funny head. And for good reason, she has apparently put herself in very good shape …

Here is the French translation of the original letter:

THANK YOU Jennifer

For leaving bites all over my husband’s chest last night.
No, really, thanks! You have no idea of ​​the nightmare you saved me and my children.
To reward you for the service you have given me, I offer you my husband. But if you accept it, you must also take into account the following rules:

1. You will have to support it financially. I say that, because we had 2 children both (but that, you already know it). Which means that he will have to give a substantial share of his salary to support them in the way they deserve. Also keep in mind that as he has made me a housewife during the last 11 years, he will also have to give me a pension. So you can forget his money darling, because it comes back to me right!

2. You will have to provide him with new clothes. Yes, after he came out of our (at last my) shower this morning and I discovered your little “love bites”, a giant black hole appeared in my house and devoured all his clothes. So, it will reach you almost naked (lucky). Well, the positive side is that suddenly, you can dress as you wish. Let yourself go, do what you please, buy him a leash, a leather suit or a cute little set.

3. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see him on the weekends. This time will be dedicated to visit his children. Since he recognized (and this in front of many people) that you were only a “poor alcoholic slut” that he met in a “squat of drug addicts”, you will obviously not have the right to to attend these visits, if only for the safety of my children. Just for the info, this will also be the reason why his visits will be limited (and monitored). After all, what did a father do in a squat, to begin with?

4. You will not have a fulfilling sex life. Do not worry, I know it was not great when you did it last night. But since his back injury 4 years ago, his manhood is really not what it was … Too bad for you, because before, it was the best shot in the world and he liked to do it all the time ! Besides, I think, it’s not for lack of trying, but I can guarantee that this problem is not treated. Indeed, it is a nervous injury darling, it will have to do with!

5. You will not send it back to me. Anyway I would not like it. He messed up from the moment he touched you! I was an ideal woman for him and he had everything he needed. Do not be surprised if you do not reach my height, because we are not going to lie to each other, that is what it is likely to happen to you … And it will end up making you unhappy!

6. He will embrace you for ALL. He told me, with tears in his eyes, that you were laughing and saying, “I wish your wife could see that.” So, I do not know and I would never know if these words really came out of your mouth or not. But to tell you the truth, I do not care. However, in case you did, know that your dream is now a reality. He’s so upset that you said that when I put my fist in his mouth, he apologized! Yes, I know that violence is bad and, to be honest, I had never hit anyone before. However, I do not regret having done it and if I could do it again, I would have even aimed lower if you see what I mean!

7. This is not a rule, but rather a friendly warning. I will do everything in my power to realize what he has done and hate you. To hurt you as much as you hurt my children will be my new hobby. I can guarantee you that even if he keeps a facade smile, it will destroy him. I’ve been with him for 11 years, I know him better than you’ll ever know him. And yes, I feel totally in my right by doing that, I think it’s justified. In case you ask yourself the question.

So thank you, Jennifer, the poor alcoholic squat bastard who left bites and scratches on my husband’s chest last night, to prove to me that 11 years old and 2 kids did not mean anything to you. I applaud you with both hands.


Great not? In any case, she did not let herself go and find particularly powerful words!

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