Here are the 7 signs that prove you are experiencing a period of over-stress !! Here’s how to fix it …

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We are all stressed at least once in our life. It is true, that it is possible to associate many things with the stress however the consequences that it results can be dangerous for the health.

In reality, it is our body that reacts to a negative feeling with what is called stress. It is possible to feel physical stress for example because of overwork or mental stress that manifests itself in a psychological problem that may be related to an emotional event such as the death of a close person, a dismissal or still face the disease.

When we are at the heart of these periods our body will increase blood pressure as well as heart rate which speeds up breathing as well as blood flow. This will have an impact on the nervous system since it will release adrenaline or even cortisol the so-called stress hormones.

We suggest you to discover the 7 signs that prove that you are experiencing a period of stress:

1. Hair loss

If you notice that you lose a lot more hair it is possible that it is related to a dysfunction of the physiological functions.

2. Mood swings

You have noticed the presence of obsessive-compulsive disorder or addiction or that you change mood impulsively it is possible that it is related to stress. Do not hesitate to consult a specialist to face this difficult period.

3. A change of weight

stress can cause weight gain because of a slowdown in metabolism or the opposite, causing loss of appetite and weight loss.

4. An alteration of social relations

It is possible that the stress causes alterations of the social relations that it is with the friends or with the family. If you have noticed that you have become rather intolerant with your loved ones then it is possible that this is due to stress.

5. Loss of libido

Stress can cause a decrease in the production of sex hormones and therefore it will have negative effects on the libido.

6. You do not feel comfortable

you are constantly anxious, and in situations where you do not feel comfortable. It is possible that this is a duet on stress because you have to learn to soothe your mind.

7. You feel various pains

Stress can have an influence on the body and therefore cause pain in the chest or stomach but also digestive problems.

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