Here are the 9 signs that prove that this person is completely toxic to your life!

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It is sometimes quite difficult to realize that a person who is close to us is actually toxic to our personal life.

According to the psychiatrist and host of the podcast, the power of differents, Dr. Gail Salts explains that, subconsciously, some people influence our way of life, such as optimism, even the way we consume food. If some people bring positive in our lives others will do the opposite.

Here are the 9 signs that reveal that your social circle is toxic to you:

People are envious

You have noticed, nobody wants you to succeed in life. They are jealous and do not hesitate to belittle you as soon as they have the opportunity. Never let anyone belittle you and make you believe that you are not able to succeed!

Words are offensive

The conversations you have with your social circle are sometimes quite stormy and some people do not hesitate to use aggressive tones and use hurtful words to make it impact you. Avoid this type of person at all costs.

We constantly try to belittle you

You never have compliments, you only receive negative words from people around you. On the contrary, these people are satisfied with your weaknesses and do not hesitate to reduce to the esteem of you.

It’s not giving and giving

We are not supposed to give to receive however the one-way relationships can quickly tire. A true friend will not hesitate to give you the services you have given him.

You are afraid to go for an appointment with them!

You are stressed about having an appointment with your friends. This is a very bad sign because normally you are supposed to feel the joy of meeting them. This means that they are probably toxic to your life.

We do not take into consideration your opinions

In a healthy friendly relationship everyone can give their opinion and everyone is taken into consideration. However, in a toxic relationship there is often only one person who has the opportunity to give his opinion. You are given orders and it becomes difficult for you because the relationship is toxic.

Some of your friends are sexist

You are in a group of male friends and you are used to hearing sexist comments. Feel free to flee this is not good for you.

You feel a lack in this relationship

You do not really know where it comes from and yet you really feel a lack in the relationship. Maybe friendship is not there!

We do not want to know anything about your life

Nobody is interested in your life and you are never asked questions. You’re only here to listen to others but they do not care if you’re okay. These people are toxic for your life, you have to think about changing things.

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