Here is the Disney Princess that you are according to your astrological sign!

Come on … Admit that the little girl who sleeps in you always adores the Disney princesses. After rocking our childhood, being our first best friends and wearing dresses that made us green with jealousy, the Disney princesses have put on the horoscope. How? Well, like everyone else, these ladies have a date of birth. And to show you that these ladies look much more than we think, Mind & Health invites you to discover the princess that you are according to your astrological sign. Personally, my alter-ego has slanted eyes and pretends to be a man … Guess who it is!

And you ? Tell us what Disney princess you are in comments;)!


Aries: Friendly, warm, loving, modest and endowed with an incredible sense of duty, this Disney Princess has made us all dream. With her, we learned that physical appearance did not matter and that we could fall in love with the Beast without worrying too much. This is of course Belle, the Disney Princess in Beauty and The Beast!

Taurus: Idealist, hardworking, romantic and resigned, this Disney princess has a strong sense of family. His gentle and warm nature attracts many friends and fuels envy and covetous envy. Our Princess Cinderella also gives us a real life lesson: you sometimes have to take risks to find happiness.

Gemini: Stubborn, brave, obstinate, protective and alternately sweet and temperamental, this Disney princess has the bite and knows how to blow hot and cold. Mulan is one of the strongest Disney princesses. She knows what she wants and she gives herself the means to achieve her goals. When she has an idea in mind, nothing and no one can stop it.

Cancer: Lively, independent, down to earth and adventurous, Princess Tiana (The Princess and The Frog) embodies the modern woman who knows how to succeed in life. His fiery and whole nature makes him a very lively person who is fully committed to realizing his dreams.

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