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Do you dream of having a flat stomach without effort? This simple technique, widely used in yoga exercises, will help you strengthen your abdominals in less than a month. Explanations.
Commonly used in yoga, this technique will allow you to have a flat stomach, nevertheless bending to a little discipline for a few weeks. And to optimize the results, multiply the repetitions to quickly observe an improvement. To be effective, you must do at least 5 repetitions. At first, it will seem a little difficult to accomplish but as the exercises, the more your muscles will tone, the more facilities you will have.

The flat stomach technique in 4 steps

1. Start by putting yourself on your back, arms down your body. The knees should be bent, feet on the ground, muscles relaxed.
Exhale slowly, releasing air from the lungs slowly and trying not to force the muscles.

2. After releasing air from the lungs, stretch the abdominal muscles, trying to inhale as much air as possible. Block your breathing. Then, block the lower abdomen for 10 to 15 seconds, take a breather and continue to “pull” on your stomach.

3. Make a slight pause by catching your breath, without relaxing your stomach / stomach completely. Reattach the abdominal muscles and hold your breath for 10 to 15 seconds then take a breath again, maintaining the level of muscle tension. If you have difficulty, take a breather.

4. Make a few small expirations to relax your muscles, then release air from the lungs, stomach and “pull” your belly as much as you can. Try to stretch the abdominal muscles and then release your belly without inhaling.

In just three weeks you will see some first changes. You can quickly have a flat stomach with this technique, which will accelerate the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and reduce the waistline.

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