Here’s how to get rid of water retention and lose weight fast by using simple tips

get rid of water retention ? Heavy legs, swelling and weight gain are inconveniences we would do well! If you are overweight or if you feel swollen and bloated, you may be suffering from water retention. Here are simple tips that will help you lose weight and get rid of water retention.

get rid of water retention

get rid of water retention – Do you have water retention?
Water retention, or edema in medical jargon, is characterized by abnormal water storage in one or more parts of the body. If you feel swollen, heavy legs, you probably have water retention.

This disease is due to dysfunction of the body which has difficulty in circulating the liquids, and to regulate their quantity in the body in an optimal way. The small blood vessels, the capillaries, let out liquid which is nested in the tissues and causes heaviness and swelling.

These are often located in the legs because of gravity. Other body parts can be affected such as feet, ankles and calves. The swelling of these organs is accompanied by a sensation of heaviness. The face, hands and stomach can also be affected by water retention. Some pregnant women see their whole body swell. Water retention is often accompanied by sudden weight gain.

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