Here’s how to lose belly fat in just 4 days

lose belly fat ? Sassy Water, named after its creator Cynthia Sass, is a miraculous drink recipe to reduce your waistline and have a flat stomach. Zoom on this water with surprising slimming virtues.

lose belly fat

To overcome these unsightly bulges, you have tried everything or almost? Neither the hours spent sweating in the gym, nor the diet based on fruits and vegetables have managed to eliminate the belly fat that undermines your morale … To help you eliminate abdominal fat and reduce your weight waist, here is the recipe for a drink imagined by nutritionist Cynthia Sass, called “Sassy water”.
What is the secret of this miracle drink?
Low caloric, this drink contains only very effective ingredients to hydrate the body and stimulate the metabolism. It also reduces gas, flatulence and maintain the phenomenon of peristalsis (a set of contractions that promote transport within the digestive tract).

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