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To arrange intimate moments to two, to show one’s feelings, to be empathetic, to play with desire are as many attitudes to adopt to maintain the flame within a couple. For love to always rhyme, it takes two to create the alchemy of desire. What is the secret of a harmonious married life?

They married and lived happily until the end of time … Oh, if only the life of a couple was an eternal calm river. At the beginning of the relationship, everything is pink and fluffy, you show a gaga smile and think it’s gone for life. Then, the days pass, the months and the years. The enchantment of the first times evaporates. You look more like an old embittered couple, bickering ceaselessly for a yes for a no. Boredom is on the verge of breaking your marital happiness. To avoid falling into this trap, you are given, in the absence of a magic potion, some tips to revive the flame.

Sanitize conflict lands and adopt a rewarding attitude

Needless to say, there is nothing more toxic in a couple than these time bombs, which are rancor, useless quarrels and reproaches, especially those that are repressed. In case of disagreement, do not hesitate to empty your bag and put your finger where it hurts. To say one’s four truths and to address criticisms without sinking into vulgarity is liberating. The alchemy of desire does not only feed on sexuality, it is not solved by getting close to bed, but fully dressed.

To resume sexually, we must begin by replacing arguing for discussion, without denigrating or address a flood of insults or degrading remarks.

Harmony in a couple depends on the ability to manage conflicts with respect. We forget to tell the one who shares our life all the good that we think of him or her and we wrongly think that his presence is an obligation not a gift of himself. Sometimes it is enough to tell the other how much one appreciates his presence and his support to restore him confidence and faith in this union which tended to crumble. More than a proof of love, this is a real proof of desire … a desire not to see his couple shattered. And then, let’s face it, nothing is more titillating and moving than the feeling of being valued and appreciated for what one is in the eyes of one’s beloved. Nothing predisposes better to revive the flame.

Move forward in tandem

In love, nothing is immutable and there is no miracle recipe or turnkey solution to stir up and awaken the flame of desire. But do you say that you are not enemies or opponents, imagine yourself as a tandem playing tennis on the same side of the net. If you want to solve your problems and live harmoniously together. Facilitate communication, the goal is not to put the blame on the back of the other but to find a way out.

Action, we turn!

Once the situation is unlocked, take action by using creativity. For example, change the decor. As studies show, couples unite happily when they change frames. A hotel room, an unusual place, scented candles, a subdued atmosphere, any stimulation is welcome to create a new atmosphere.

It is known that desire is dulled by lack of sexual creativity. Multiply so the touching and passionate embraces of your beginnings, the desire is revived from these little contacts lost in the whirlwind of the daily grind. And if you jostled the habits of your sex life become too repetitive and monotonous? What excites you before does not make any more effect? Talk about your wildest fantasies and give new impetus to your desire.

Believe it or not, sometimes the desire is for something much simpler than naughty role-playing to awaken a libido at half mast. On the contrary, a simple little thing can tickle the envy of darling (e). A careful listening in case of problems, an unexpected text, a special attention, a kiss pressed and the machine is ready to restart … Especially do not put pressure and let yourself have the time to want a physical rapprochement.

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