Here’s how to stop absorbing the negative energy of others

stop absorbing the negative energy ? We often find ourselves dealing with people who emit negative energy. Their feelings are so strong and heavy that we feel the influence of their pain and suffering on our state of mind. Our feelings go beyond compassion and reach the stage of empathy; we feel exactly the same emotions. In such situations, it becomes crucial to learn how to defend against the toxicity of this negative energy that affects your mental, spiritual and physical state.

stop absorbing the negative energy

How to protect yourself from the negativity of others?

1. stop absorbing the negative energy – Stop always having fun for everyone

Respect yourself and be kind to yourself. When an individual has discouraging remarks about you, complains about or is unhappy with you, or is uncomfortable with your method, take your distance as much as possible. Do not take things personally and above all, do not focus on the desire to please him. This will only plunge you further into the spheres of depression and negativity, and you will end up being emotionally dependent on their opinion of you.

The fact of not being loved or appreciated by all is an absolutely normal thing. You are a person in your own right, with strong and weak points, dark personality aspects and clearer ones … Love yourself first as you are, and afterwards, no opinion can you impact emotionally.

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