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Hair loss is a very common phenomenon that can be associated with many factors: stress, pregnancy, menopause and sometimes it can even be a consequence of weight loss … Here is a very effective natural remedy based on guava leaves to stop hair loss and promote their growth.

Hair loss: what are the factors?
Did you know that on average we lose 50 to 100 hairs every day? A figure that can be much higher, depending on the level of stress suffered by the body. In fact, in the face of anxiety-provoking situations, the body can express itself by more or less significant hair loss. Stress can also lead to hormonal imbalance that sometimes causes hair loss. But there are other factors such as seasonal changes, pregnancy, thyroid gland disruption, hereditary factors, emotional shock, dietary deficiency (unhealthy diet) or scalp disease that may also have a negative impact on your body. impact on the health of your hair and cause them to fall.

Hair loss can alter self-confidence, hence the importance of having healthy hair by finding natural tips and cures that help preserve your hair capital. There are thousands of hair loss products on the market, but the results are often disappointing and do not live up to our expectations.

Rest assured ! There are very effective and 100% natural solutions to treat these small inconveniences.

In this article, we will introduce you to one of these natural remedies, made from guava leaves.

The virtues of guava leaves on your hair

Guava is a source of many benefits for both skin and hair. Its leaves are rich in vitamins that are very effective for hair growth and the maintenance of a hair groin. According to several studies, they help prevent hair loss when used regularly.

Guava leaves are some of the best natural remedies to stop hair loss and stimulate growth. Indeed, they are rich in vitamin B, essential to have strong and healthy hair. The natural remedy that we are going to present to you strengthens as much the hair follicles as the root.

How to prepare this natural remedy based on guava leaves?

In a large saucepan, pour a quart of water and add a handful of guava leaves. Bring this water to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let cool. Filter the water. Then you will pour the mixture into an atomizer and spray your hair from the roots to the ends. Massage your scalp and let your hair soak for a few hours before washing.

You can even apply this care in the evening before going to bed to leave your hair all night with the guava leaf mixture. To avoid getting your pillow wet, cover your head with a cotton or sponge shower cap. In the morning, wash your hair as usual.

If you do this regularly, you will find that your hair will stop falling. Better yet, this natural remedy will promote better growth.

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