How much do you have to walk a day to lose weight?

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“My dream body is hidden under my spring rolls! “

Summer is back now and with it, your desire to lose weight and take care of your figure. Exit the junk food and clothing examples that can be used in the extra pounds, it’s time to take things in hand to keep a healthy iron and protect your body from the harmful effects of overweight. To achieve this goal, most of the time, a balanced diet coupled with regular physical activity. Part of the product to stay on your hunger and wrestle on a treadmill, are you a definite idea of ​​what your body really needs to lose weight? How many calories should you consume less? You do not want to do sports a day, a week …? Are these healthy actions enough to start a healthy and sustainable weight loss process?
Today, we will be interested in walking and its slimming virtues. Discover, without delay, the time it takes to walk a day to reach your ideal weight.


All you have to say, you have to burn about 100 calories when you walk 1.5 km. To lose weight and refine your body, you need to spend 500 extra calories a day. So you have to walk approximately 4.5 km to reach your goal. This distance may seem too important, but you should always pay attention to the discovery in a little more time if you observe a steady and steady pace. Of course, you can either do your walk at once, or choose to go several times: up the stairs instead of taking the amplifier, through the work on foot, through your car in the garage , getting off the bus or metro 2 stations before … It’s not the opportunities that are missing to make your 7.5 km daily.


Of course, you can stroll and enjoy your foot to walk, to change your mind and breathe a breath of fresh air, but you need to know everything about the gluteal muscles, those of the abdominal belt and walk a good foot to lose weight effectively. Generally, people say they will, for example, make an hour.
Or the most important duration in the sense that you have to do 10,000 steps a day if you want to lose half a kilo a week. The best chose to make pedometer equipment to effectively measure the distance traveled, the effort provided, the life span and the number of calories burned.
 How much do you have to walk a day to lose weight


To avoid falling into the routine and dropping your daily walking sessions, consider switching circuits as often as possible. This reflex allows you to enjoy the walk and enjoy all the benefits of slimming and health.
You can also help recruit a sports buddy to make this activity even more enjoyable. If you want to do this, you lose about 2.5 kg each month. And even more you watch your diet closely.
You will also notice a loss of cellulite and a firming of your skin.

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