How to make a man (even more) in love?

How to make a man (even more) in love ? 35 super good ideas to make your man even more in love (yes, yes, it’s quite possible!). So far, he loved you: now he will be completely crazy about you.

How to make a man (even more) in love

Eyeful !

In a man, sight is the sense organ most receptive to excitement. Do you suspect more or less? So, enjoy it.

1-How to make a man (even more) in love – Thames the light

Install a suitable mood light in the living room or in the bedroom: it must be sifted, of course! Think of a bulb with a warm hue, rather yellow orange or red. Especially not blue or green, cold colors not conducive to excitement.

2- How to make a man (even more) in love – Romantic, candles

Invested in candles. They create a halo of light particularly flattering and conducive to intimacy. If the candle is on the table between you and it is dark around, you will be closer, together in the same circle of light. Be careful of the gap if you lean towards each other obviously.

3- How to make a man (even more) in love – Choose warm colors

In your room or in the intimate room, put on warm colors, ethnic fabrics, shimmering, shiny or soft materials (powdery colors, velvet, suede …). Hangings, curtains, carpets …
But avoid, what do I say flee like the plague the minimalist style or loft factory trend, where the decorations are often metallic, it’s cold and naked. Totally anti-erotic.

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