How to seduce a man according to his astrological sign!

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Our astrological sign says a lot about our character. Also, when we know the astrological sign of the man we covet, we can have a lot of head start … Indeed, his sign tells us a lot about him and that will allow us to adapt our approach and drag technique! Because yes ladies, we do not drag a fish and a cancer in the same way … no no no! See how you hang on it:

Cancer: Cancer is a whimsical person who wants us to take care of him while having the impression of leading … with cancer, be the mother, the wife and the best friend! Sweet, seductive and attentive …

Scorpio: The Scorpio is fiery and passionate complex … be mysterious, wild and unapproachable to make him want to follow you and get to know you

Virgo: with the Virgo, take your time, bet on the intellect! The Virgin man loves to talk to him, to be passionate about him … he is cerebral and not physical … he will take time to open his heart to you, arm yourself with patience!

Libra: the Libra man seduces himself to the physical and the charm … put your trumps ahead tease him!

Leo: the leo is a passionate … make you inaccessible, make him afraid, do not offer to him, be an exceptional woman, passionate, subdue the …

Aries: the Aries man likes to dominate so do not try to be enterprising he hates that … he likes to be seduced gently but lead the game of seduction … Make him believe that you follow his steps. ..he will be flattered!

Sagittarius: with Sagittarius, go for the naturalness and simplicity … If he feels that with you life is a long calm river, he will be very quickly addicted!

Taurus: Taurus, on the other hand, is a romantic who likes to put small dishes in the big ones to soften him … he likes to be seduced, charmed … you can take out the heavy artillery with the bull, he loves the game of seduction and pampering

Capricorn: The Capricorn man is sensible rational and right. he likes things to be done well and women responsible … Do not show a side too rigid, be seductive too he loves it even if you can have a little trouble to cheer him up

Gemini: Gemini is not taming humor … be cool, be close, be funny and without a fuss … Only risk: fall into the friendzone!

Aquarius: free and solitary, Aquarius is probably the most complex to tame … he must feel that you interest him but be careful do not smother him, he could run away at all levels …

Pisces: the pisces is playful and insatiable … show yourself as playful and inaccessible!

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