If a man does these 17 things for his girlfriend, it’s because he’s madly in love!

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Ladies! If you think you have found the ideal man, it would be good to check if he is really ready for anything for you. If he naturally realizes these 17 gestures of love, it is because he’s madly in love and you have found the jackpot.

Your relationship seems to be going in the right direction. It’s been a while since everything is perfect in the brave new world, especially when you exchange this look so complicit that says more than any word.When a man is really in love, he is likely to change his way of life. to be closer, spiritually and emotionally, to his sweetheart.
This translates into everyday gestures that he would never have thought of doing in normal times. Gestures that seem innocuous at first glance but that, however, are signs that he is simply crazy in love.
Discover the 17 things that a man does without flinching when his heart beats:

1 – he’s madly in love : He holds your handbag

For a man, it is very difficult to resolve to hold a purse. For example, when he accompanies you during a shopping session and you have his arms loaded, if he offers to help you by holding your bag, it is because he is crazy about you. This is a sign that he will be able to carry the burden of the world on his shoulders for you.

2 – he’s madly in love : He buys you your tampons

That’s really the sign that your man is in love. He sees no problem in going to buy you tampons if the urgency arises and you are too busy doing it. Yet, in normal times, a man feels a lot of embarrassment to set foot in a department or shop dedicated to women.

3 – he’s madly in love : He defends you

Generally, in case of conflict, the man tends to weigh things and avoid a real confrontation. Especially in public when his wife expects to be defended to test the virility of his man. For the man, few things are worth fighting. If he is in love, you are worth the blow, and will defend you without hesitation.

4 – he’s madly in love : He comes to see you at work

Most men are reluctant to go see their girlfriend at work. You’ve probably already told him about your colleagues, so the feeling of being curiously watched by people he does not know could make him uncomfortable. If he is in love, he will not take care of other people’s eyes and will come to see you as long as it will please you.

5 – he’s madly in love : He lets you choose the TV program

The battle for control of the remote control can be tough. Unless for him, the most important thing is to spend time together in front of the television rather than watching his favorite show alone. If he is in love, he will have no trouble watching what you want from time to time.

6 – he’s madly in love : He takes care of you when you are sick

This morning, it’s not too much form. You are very bad even. Fortunately, your boyfriend is there to take care of you, take a walk to the pharmacy and prepare you to go through this bad luck. A man who feels concerned about the welfare of his half is a man to marry.

7 – he’s madly in love : He supports you during difficult times

On the same principle as illness, a man who stands by you during difficult times is a man in love. If you hear bad news, such as the death of a loved one, he will put all his little concerns aside and will be entirely at your disposal. The most important thing is to help you feel better, no matter how long it takes.

8 – he’s madly in love : He looks at romantic comedies with you

We know that men are not necessarily fanned by romantic little comedies with rose water. Therefore, if he does not mind to watch “Never Forget” with you, even if you’ve seen him over and over again, it’s because he wants to share the pleasure and the emotions that this film gives you.

9 – he’s madly in love : He can try the same fitness regime as you

If you think about dieting, your man may have several reactions: either make fun of you, encourage you or follow your initiative. If he accompanies you in this will, it is because you have found the jackpot.

10 – he’s madly in love : He lets you let off steam on him

When things are not going well and you are nervous, your boyfriend’s presence is probably a good place to let off steam. If he does his back and allows you to let off steam on him, it is because you have fallen because most men will just leave you in your corner until you are calmed.

11 – he’s madly in love : He can be your Ken doll

Speaking of “Ken doll”, we do not talk about toy or “toy boy” for Barbie that you are. Far from it … In fact, it is about a man who does not see any inconvenience that you dress it according to your convenience. For example, if you introduce him to your parents and prefer to take him with his blue shirt rather than red, he will wear it without problems.

12 – he’s madly in love : He could get into debt for you

It’s a lot less cool but if your man is in love with you, he will not be able to say no to you when you want something, even if you want to put yourself in the red financially …

13 – he’s madly in love : He will do the dirty work

If he is usually reluctant to take care of domestic and domestic chores, love can do incredible things to a man. Lovers, he will not hesitate to do the dirty work such as taking out the trash or clean the litter of the cat (if you have one), not to mention the spiders that will crush.

14 – he’s madly in love : He will resituate his whole life

If your man is in love with you, you will become his center of the world. His parents, his work and his friends will always be important but you will become the priority since you embody this possibility of future with two. Even close to getting closer to your family and friends …

15 – he’s madly in love : He leads you everywhere

Even if you both have driver’s license, if he offers you all the time to take you where you need to go, whether at your gynecologist or your meal with friends, it is that he seeks to pass as much time as possible with you. A sign that every moment is precious to him.

16 – he’s madly in love : He reveals its vulnerability


What is valuable is rare. And if you have value in his eyes, you will be one of the few people, if not the only person, to see him vulnerable. He will be likely to ask for your help and support when he needs it because he knows he can count on you. Afterwards, you must also be there for him during his rare moments of vulnerability. You will feel closer than ever.

17 – he’s madly in love : He can invite your saddened friend to eat

A loving and caring man will even be concerned if one of your friends feels sad. She was recently dropped, and for you to be there for her, your boyfriend even invited her to eat so she could change her mind. Your friend is also his friend because he is really in love with you.

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