If you are tired of having a swollen stomach here is a tip that will allow you to find a flat stomach in just a few minutes!

swollen stomach ? It is important to know that a bloated belly is often due to an accumulation of gas in the intestine. Being bloated can sometimes be painful however many people confuse bloating with weight gain when it is due to the presence of gas.

swollen stomach

In fact the consumption of certain foods would cause swelling of the stomach so it would be important to ensure food hygiene to be able to remedy bloating.

swollen stomach : What are the causes of an inflated belly?

It is important to know that a lack of hydration can cause stomach bloating. And especially if you are used to consuming a lot of coffee or alcohol. It will be essential to be able to deflate your stomach to consume at least 8 glasses of water daily

If you are used to constipation you will need to add high fiber foods to your diet, which will significantly improve the digestive process.

In addition, the swelling of the belly could also be due to intense physical effort since it can cause a dysfunction of the digestive system.

Be sure to chew food before swallowing as this will improve your digestion while avoiding bloating.

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