If you have these 5 criteria you are much smarter than you think!

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We often tend to reduce ourselves instead of recognizing our abilities and valuing them. If you want to be sure that your intelligence is no longer to prove, here are these 5 criteria that make you a person with significant cognitive skills! From now on, do not underestimate your genius anymore and be certain that you are mainly appreciated for that.

Curiosity goes hand in hand with knowledge, it is by being curious that you will know a maximum of things in relation to a subject that fascinates you. You are not satisfied with what you want to present to you, you are the type to initiate the reflection and you appeal to your analytical mind which is quite sharp. The stranger does not frighten you, on the contrary, you like to go to discover distant lands and totally different people.

Your plans are all drawn and you know exactly how to get there. You also know that unforeseen events can occur and you have also planned a plan B to avoid facing the wall. These goals allow you to better structure your life to manage your priorities and filter out what does not affect your life. You are a determined person and you know how to motivate yourself even in case of failure.

Every second for you is the opportunity for a new challenge. You know very well that life is short and you have decided to live it fully. You put on a maximum of time in achieving your goals but also in the leisure and activities where you feel alive. You like to give time also to people who love you. For you, everything is about organization and you are a pro in this area.

Although many obstacles stand out, making your walk difficult, you continue to give your energy for the benefit of your dreams. You are aware that “who does not advance, step back” so you do everything in your power to move forward whatever happens. You give yourself the right to fail, you recover and you try otherwise. A real warrior!

We can perfectly trust you. You also know when you can not do a task, but when you can (99% of the time), you make sure that you carry out the missions you have been assigned. We count on you most of the time because we no longer doubt your effectiveness.

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