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The reading of the lines of the hand bears a name: palmistry. It has been used for hundreds of years to predict the future and to define a person’s character. Do you know their meaning, do you have this particular line called the circle of love? If so, be aware that it says a lot about how you approach relationships based on their form. Explanations.

The hands of some people have a line that is both arched and at the same time short: it can take the form of a circle or constitute two short lines: it is this line that is called precisely the circle of the ‘love. It is present on a large part of the surface of the palm and expresses expressions ideas to love life, feelings and friendship.

If this line and wide and ample, it means that your sensitivity is very developed. Conversely, a closed circle involves a deception grade caused by loving or friendly feelings.

There is a middle between two when the line is a half circle: in this case, it is likely that you will encounter difficulties in your love life then a tip: persevere but do not be discouraged!

And you, what is your heart line?

The line of the heart begins under the middle finger and ends under the little finger.

Figure 1: If you own this line: You are an intelligent and ambitious person. You have common sense and you always make the right decisions. However you are a little materialistic and you can be selfish.

Figure 2: This heart line shows that you are trustworthy, attentive and kind. But you get involved too emotionally.

Figure 3: This heart line shows that you are enthusiastic and very confident in love. You are an always happy person.

Figure 4: This heart line shows that you are a patient person and that you are caring. You are very selfless.

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