If your man answers these questions correctly, it’s definitely the right one!

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A couple is effort, a lot of love, a few concessions, a pinch of arguments and a mountain of kisses. Every person who engages in a relationship rushes into the unknown because in love there are no certainties. Either the story works and the couple gets stronger over time, either it fails and the partners separate more or less amicably.

However, to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, it is possible to check the compatibility of two people. No, there is no question of astrological signs or some hocus-pocus techniques. Just ask a few well-focused questions to your partner to find out whether or not they know you well and pay attention to you, your tastes and your needs.

If your man answers these 4 questions correctly, it’s definitely the right one!


A man who truly loves you will take the time to calm your anxieties and find the right words to reassure you. Even when you embroider disaster scenarios, he assures you that he will stand by you to help you face the unknown. Where does he see himself in 5/10/15/20 years? In couple with you. Perhaps in the meantime you will have children, will he change work, will move elsewhere … In any case, the thing of which he is absolutely certain is that you will be part of this future …


Many couples do not think about it, but this question must really be asked at some point in the relationship. Whether you want to have children or not, you need to discuss the subject with your man to make sure he shares the same vision as you. Do not let such an important issue endanger a story that is important to you and keep your lover away from you.


Yes, it may seem too commonplace, but a man who does not know your date of birth, all your first names, the first names of your family and friends, your favorite color, things you like or hate … C is the sign that he is not interested enough in you to remember all those details that make you a unique and darling person.

So yes, even if it may seem “gnangnan”, it is these few attentions that, in part, strengthen the complicity within the couple and simplify communication.


When the passion of the first days will subside, the routine will resume its rights. If your man promises you to do everything possible to fight the pangs of time by your side, it is because he wants you more than anything. Work, ambition, personal interests, selfishness, individualistic needs … Everything must be put in the background to make a love relationship. Of course, everyone is entitled to his secret garden. But it must not jeopardize the foundations of your relationship.

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