Infidelity: 8 Reasons to “Take Action”

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So ATTENTION! We do not seek to find excuses for the infidels … far from it! Not, however, many studies have attempted to highlight the main elements that can push an individual to deceive his / her partner. To better understand the “causes” of adultery is also to have the means to avoid it!

– He / she does not look at you anymore: you do not feel looked at and desired despite your efforts. So you will turn to someone who is sensitive to your charm

– It goes badly in bed: sexual dissatisfaction is often mentioned in the “reasons that push” to deceive the other …

– A need to spice up the couple: the routine, the time that passes, the habits, always the same partner … some people flee the everyday like the plague and sometimes need to spice up their life by going elsewhere to better leave with their spouse

– A desire for revenge: he / she has deceived you so you absolutely want to deceive him too. 1 ball everywhere in the center

– To provoke an “electroshock”: to show him that he / she can lose you, that everything is not acquired and that a couple is built every day

– Because your spouse is often away: feeling lonely during business trips?

– Because of the jealousy of the other: jealousy can sometimes lead to adultery … too much to hear your spouse suspect you of deception, you will deceive.

– Because you find yourself alone with someone you are attracted to: ex, co-worker … you feel that there is something physical between you and you know that you absolutely must avoid moments of intimacy … and yet …


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