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To seduce a man, use your charm and abuse the stars. Stars are your friends to find love. Scorpio or Aries, Libra or Taurus, every man has his character. With the help of our expert, you will find more easily the elected of your heart. To your astral calendars!


Who is the Aries man?
In a good sign of fire, it is an enthusiast who needs to vibrate in all areas of his life.

He hates the bland, warm it, he prefers by far the fantasy, the novelty. That’s why he finds it difficult to be content with a single relationship, a single love.

He is a fighter who does not let go and who from time to time is not against a few headaches. He often likes to play big arms. This is one of the most virile signs of the zodiac

Where to cross the Aries man?
Undeniably at the gym where he can spend all his free time. In the street, very early in the morning doing a jog.

At the corner bar with his friends drinking a shot watching a football game. During a training session of thrills …

How to seduce the Aries man?
He is a warrior who likes to conquer and thus to face the challenges. “All cooked” does not interest him. He needs to test his seductive potential, his manhood. So let him seduce you!

To begin, play the inaccessible, it will cause his desire. Then slowly let him seduce you and you approach. Be inventive, creative and surprise him

The first appointment with the man Aries:
Boredom must not dominate. If he watches the time pass, tell him he will not fix you a second date. The feeling must be there, right now …

It’s an instinctive so it’s right now and now not in a fortnight! It’s up to you to make him want to see you again. Laughter, relaxation and good mood must be there!


Who is the man Taurus?
Sign of Earth, ruled by Venus and the Moon, under its sometimes “awkward” airs, unbalance, it is a tender, a true. He loves good things.

Because of this, he needs to enjoy life. He is a born follower. Nothing gives him more pleasure than to taste the products that nature offers him.

You’ll understand, he likes good food. He is an epicurean.

Where do you meet the man Taurus?
It must be admitted, here is one that does not come out very much. He appreciates his habits. With luck, you will have met him on the high school or college bench.

If this is not the case, it will have been presented to you by a friend or an office colleague. Once the meeting is done, the hard part will be to encourage him to follow you.

The only way, tickle his appetite.

How to seduce the man Bull?
Nothing like a good lunch or dinner to get his attention. So start by inviting him or offer him a “restaurant”.

Amateur of good food, you must tickle her taste buds but also her stomach. Loving the beautiful and the good, if you want to seduce him, put in appetite with your finery.

So, without plunging into the vulgar, take out the outfit that will enhance you without hurting the sensitivity of sir. In order for him to succumb, all his senses must be solicited.

The first meeting with the man Taurus:
Go for a tête-à-tête in an environment that encourages romance. Choose a restaurant with an atmosphere conducive to seduction.

Bet on authenticity, simplicity which does not exclude a little sophistication.


Who is the Gemini man?
Alternately balancing and clown, you will certainly have trouble following him. With him impossible to be bored.

He is a fairly changeable man and because of this, his mood, his desires and his aspirations vary.

As much to tell you that it is a character who likes the change or who lives with difficulty a relation on very long term. Either he gets tired or he tires others!

He’s a rigollot, a teenager, a clever guy who likes to play with words, analyze them, use them …

Where to cross the Gemini man?
He is a man who likes to go out and meet people. All places of knowledge where culture is invited are likely to welcome his presence.

Do not hesitate to attend them. Go to the library, the museum, the theater, this is where you will most likely find it …

How to seduce the Gemini man?
Here is a tightrope walker, an acrobat of seduction … It is in the image of the butterfly, which when one approaches too close, flies to go on another flower.

You will understand with him you will have to go smoothly. So, we’ll have to tame this funny man who even if he makes you laugh will not fail to disconcert you too.

You will have to approach it step by step, touch by key and word by word … There is only that that you will succeed in “stuck” it in your nets.

The first date with the man Gemini:
Go to a nice, airy place or the joy of living area.

Find yourself in a place where culture, ideas, words have a certain importance …


Who is the Cancer man?
Under his shell, his shyness, his sometimes distant or suspicious side, it is a tender, a sentimental, an emotional.

He is an eternal child who needs to dream, who seeks sweetness, harmony.

His aspiration: to find the being “perfect”, his half, his “mirror”. He likes to protect, coach and in turn, he needs to feel supported by the other.

Where to cross the Cancer man?
Most certainly in his favorite place. Thus, you will have a good chance of finding it in your favorite restaurant.

He is a discerning film buff and you could meet him at the cinema.

Attached to his place of life and even to his work, a deco store could ring the beginning of a story with a Cancer.

How to seduce the Cancer man?
It’s a tough guy. As much as you say that it is not always easy to seduce and to break his shell, you will have to be patient.

Although he seems very down to earth and therefore very basic, he is nonetheless a dreamer. So, do not hesitate to enchant his “daily life”. Allow him to escape or bubble and it will be almost won.

Take an interest in his family, his place of life, his desires, his person, reassure him about his sex appeal and the tour will be almost played! “Impress Him” ​​by showing him your “cooking” skills.

And yes, the Cancer man loves to eat …

The first date with the Cancer man:
Choose a quiet place full of romance and imagination. Opt for a dream location that will stir up his curiosity and his propensity to dream.


Who is the Leo Man?
It is a flamboyant, solar who likes to shine, who likes to please.

Because of this, love is very important to him.

If he likes to receive, he also likes to give. Thus, behind his sometimes egocentric side, he is a being with a big heart who can be very generous.

He is not a loner because in a way he needs others to live and thrive.

Where to cross the Leo man?
In the last place in fashion, in a social place … You are likely to meet him at the theater, the opera, in the new trendy restaurant in the area …

At a fashion show or at fashion week. So, if you want to fall in love with a Leo, go out, move, go to places frequented by the beautiful world.

How to seduce the Leo man?
Sir is a born hunter. As much to tell you that the dredge, in all its forms, he knows and he will see you coming for miles.

That said, you say that who does not try anything has nothing. So how to make him succumb to your charm. By caressing it in the direction of the hair, certainly but not that …

Know how to titillate your senses, to whet your appetite, be bubbly, lively and optimistic …

It is a man who even if he tries to have some control over the course of the seduction also likes the contenders who sometimes show daring.

The first meeting with the Leo man:
Choose a bright place, rocked by a soft and lively atmosphere. Opt for a trendy and sparkling place that will dazzle your evening.


Who is the Virgo man?
It’s a brain, an analyst of emotions and feelings. Often suspicious, he is distant and blows hot and cold.

Difficult to understand. However, under its cold airs, it is a great sensitive, even a hyperemotif, however, as it is in control, it shows nothing or represses.

Thus, once the armor is put, it is a man who if he has overcome his fears, his injuries (if any), his fears or frustrations may be delicious to live.

Where to cross the Virgo man?
Unless you have to deal with a madwoman, who makes all the most delirious evenings, you will meet her in a rather calm place where culture and intellect dominate.

So, go to libraries, museums, places where debates and reflections.

How to seduce the Virgo man?
Not only is he critical but he is demanding. So, if you want to approach or seduce him, your appearance must be irreproachable.

You must be dressed to the nines, clean and primed, otherwise you have little chance to seduce him. He needs to feel that you are interested in him for good reasons.

If he has any doubt about your intentions, he will flee you like the “plague”. So advice, play fair from the start and put it in confidence.

He hates vulgarity and goes into it. Go ahead with velvet paws …

The first meeting with the Virgo man:
If possible opt for a quiet and peaceful place where you can talk in peace.


Who is the Libra man?
Here is an attractive man, sweet, cultured, charming and funny. He is a sensitive being who needs to love.

This is one of the reasons why love is so important to him. Thus, even his career can be made of many lives, several emotional experiences, the emotional is one of its engines.

Generous, it is a being of sharing. He is looking for libra and harmony.

Where to cross the Libra man?
It is a “cosmopolitan” who likes to meet others, visit places frequented and opulent.

You can also meet him during a walk in a park, the pool, during the fashion week, the wedding fair, the wellness fair or perfume.

Other place a dance hall, a concert hall, opera …

How to seduce the Libra man?
Sir do not like to choose so avoid putting it in front of a dilemma. He hates vulgarity, complicated situations.

Thus, for him everything must be fluid, obvious and above all without a fuss. Show sensuality, tickle your senses (hearing, sight, smell).

Play the look, charm him with your voice and from time to time touch his hand … The effect will be guaranteed!

He is also an epicurean who likes the beauty of things as well as good food. So surprise him, surprise him and make him dream, transport him!

The first date with the man Libra:
Opt for a place where romanticism “sweat” bathed in dim lights and velvet sound, the turn will be played. Choose a “magic” place that allows you to escape or dream.


Who is the Scorpio man?
It is a troubling and fascinating being at a time. He is a carnal man, passionate and thirsty for passion.

If he has experienced heavy things in his childhood, if the beginnings of his love life were complicated then there are chances that you are dealing with a tortured man.

He is an enigmatic character with an extremely rich and confusing character. Like the Aries man, he is manly, possessive and lively.

Where to cross the Scorpio man?
Governed by Pluto and Mars, you often meet him at night in a nightclub, in a wine bar, in a place full of strangeness …

In more common places like at the pool, in a gym …

You can also meet him during an extreme sports camp …

How to seduce the Scorpio man?
Very concretely, you have to excite him and make him want to know you more.

Know how to whet your appetite, arouse your curiosity, play the card of mystery, the elusive, the untouchable …

Play with him, sow doubt in his mind, titillate his desires, have fun with his frustrations, push him to his limits, surprise him, surprise him, and there he may be looking at you.

You will understand that to seduce a Scorpio is a bit like a game of shadow and light. So you have to learn how to blow hot and cold.

The first date with the Scorpio man:
Find yourself in an unusual, unusual place where your imagination, your curiosity will be solicited.


Who is the Sagittarius man?
This is the optimism of the zodiac. The warrior man, the wise man, the teacher thus can he take several hats in his love life.

A man of adventures and fantasies, he often finds it hard to live a single love, a single relationship. Thus, in his love life, he needs originality, permanent renewal.

When he loves, he loves passionately and without limit. The day he feels no more feelings, he leaves and turns the page.

Where do you meet the Sagittarius man?
Certainly in a gym, during a hike … During a weekend or a riding seminar …

You can also find it abroad, during a trip, during your holidays …

Simply at the restaurant or at a spiritual gathering …

How to seduce the Sagittarius man?
Here is a man who loves challenges. Understand that if it’s too easy, it does not interest him.

So make things a bit complicated and do not make it easy. Show distant and the next moment closer, then move away.

It’s all the game of the cover or link! So let him pull from time to time, let go a little ballast and then withdraw to you …

Here is a subtle management of the forces involved! Show him that you want to spend time with him but do not choke him.

Allow him to feel the state of lack by letting him go away. Share the same passion or activity, it will bring you closer to him …

The first appointment with the Sagittarius man:
And why go for a gym or “running” session.

Nothing like the sport to get closer in the effort of a Sagittarius.


Who is the Capricorn man?
He is a straight man, square and rational. He is often grounded. It’s a rock, an “ice cabinet”.

He analyzes his emotions and feelings. He is in control and he has trouble letting go.

Cold in appearance, reserved, withdrawn, he perceives love as a danger. Although he is able to love, share and generosity, he is often afraid of losing his independence, his freedom and his need for solitude.

Where do you meet Capricorn man?
In the mountains, in winter sports. In a monastery or retreat. You can also meet him on a hike …

Simply on your place or place of work because the latter prefers to succeed his professional more than his love life.

How to seduce the Capricorn man?
No way to go free! No ! Take your time, tame it! Put him in confidence, melt his heart little by little.

He is a native who needs love to be created so he will not necessarily fall in love at first sight. So you have to bet on the time and try to multiply the appointments.

Under his cold, distant and sometimes mysterious airs, he is a sentimentalist who likes to be astonished but in the “right way”.

So find out what he likes and hit the spot by offering him some appointments later a present he will remember.

The first date with the Capricorn man:
Opt for a quiet place where calm prevails. Capricorn does not like noise because it needs to have clear ideas to be able to talk.


Who is the Aquarius man (January 20 – February 19)?
It’s a real draft … It’s hard to keep it or lock it into habits.

Unconventional man, it is sometimes difficult to follow and understand. Love scares him, especially the idea of ​​becoming attached and therefore being stuck in a story.

The friendship – love he likes. Free, ideal, unlimited and unregulated love is his thing.

Where to cross the Aquarius man?
This man can be a friend of high school or college. It can be related from near or far to one of your friends.

You can meet him during a trip, during a show or a concert, or even in the last place in fashion …

How to seduce the Aquarius man?
You do not have to be conventional. Thus, the woman dressed to the nines, it’s not her thing.

Be rebellious, mystical, hippies, baba cool, independent to the tips of nails! Show yourself sparkling, joyful, lively, intelligent, open to the outside, curious about everything and anything.

Surprise him, make him vibrate and above all make him see that you will not be the one who locks him in patterns, in habits that will depress him.

See him as your alter ego, your soul brother …

The first appointment with the Aquarius man:
Go to a trendy place, in a place marked by travel or an exotic atmosphere.

Anyway, flee the classic, the traditional and opt for a completely “hallucinating” atmosphere!


Who is the man Pisces?
He is hypersensitive, a real emotional person. He is besides on edge of skin.

It is a sentimental and because of this, it attaches great importance to love, crazy love, love fusion.

When he loves, he needs to be one with the other. He must share everything, live in pairs. In this man, love can also take on a spiritual or irrational dimension.

If he is marked since childhood, his emotional life will be blurry, complicated and painful.

Where to cross the man Pisces?
At the pool then put on your best beautiful jersey and swim. In a restaurant known for its sweets then forget your weight and go to enjoy some sweets.

In an unusual place abroad then take a plane ticket and go explore the world or its world!

How to seduce the man Pisces?
As you say right now, sir loves ultra-feminine women and with generous forms.

To look at you must make you want to go further. He likes games of seduction and therefore the words, the looks, the gestures that suggest … Everything must be in the subtlety.

Thus, if you attack head-on, you have every chance of making him run away and never see him again.

So go gently, take your time, let him get used to you, reassure him, put him in trust, there is only that way that the man Pisces will fall into “your nets”.

The first meeting with the man Pisces:
No doubt, on the spot, a place imbued with sensuality, punctuated by soft and sweet music, the must of the romanticism …

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