Is female ejaculation within the reach of all women?

Did you know ? Female ejaculation works like male ejaculation and is within the reach of all women. The key: learn to let go completely at the moment of orgasm. Sophie Bramly’s explanations.

Female ejaculation divides the opinion of professionals: for some it is on the order of an epiphenomenon, for others – who usually benefit from their advice – it is only up to women to practice a little to succeed.
But nothing is more forbidding, a priori, than to make long efforts to masturbate according to a specific user manual, in an uncomfortable place like the bathroom or the kitchen, to avoid the risk of soaking the sheets. or the sofa. However, the promise of intense and therefore particularly valuable orgasms deserves no doubt to re-examine the question and, better still, to find another solution.

Women’s habit of controlling everything

The latest studies – which confirm that the liquid is not urine, yet can not yet understand where it comes from – claim that in fact all women ejaculate a liquid at the time of orgasm, but that at Instead of letting themselves go completely, they hold back. The fluid, instead of being released, is repressed.
This retrograde orgasm, frequent and long-listed in men, would be a permanent reality in women, for so long – centuries! – that they have been taught to contain, to restrain their sexuality. Although things have evolved since then, women have become accustomed to always controlling everything from their physical appearance to their behavior. For example, on a daily basis, they cross their legs and hold their arms along the body, while the men sit with their legs apart, their arms if possible open on the neighboring armchairs: they are in the opening. Some try to “hold together”, the others occupy as much space as possible to assert their confidence in themselves and their erections. In the same way, in bed, women let themselves go because the small inner voice often critical prevents them to let themselves go completely.Therefore, closed on themselves, they have orgasms reduced, a situation they consider preferable to too much exposure of their physics, their emotions, their sensations.

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