Male body language: the 5 signs that show that he is seduced

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Knowing if a man is under your spell or not is not always easy … Women often complain about not understanding men and yet nothing more simple! By decrypting his body, the man sends you through his gestures, his attitudes and his posture signs that show that you like him … Here are 5 tips to understand the masculine body language.

It is beautiful

He tries to be very straight, to grow up or to bend his chest … In a word he is seduced and he wants to do good.

How does he dress?

If he always makes sartorial efforts … to wear clothes to your taste … It is that he tries to seduce you … We do not catch flies with vinegar.

He is making noise

In the hope that you notice it, it often makes noise by speaking loudly for the sole reason to catch your attention and to titillate your curiosity.

His feet … how are they oriented?

Without being aware of it, he can steer his foot or both feet in your direction, for sure, he has views on you.

If he stares at you

If he stares at you, never lowering his eyes and looking at you, if as soon as you turn to him you notice his eyes planted in yours, the message is clear: he has a serious desire to go out with you.

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