Notice to slackers: here is the miracle drink to melt fat

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Here is the recipe for a miracle drink to melt fat and help you lose weight. It is easy to prepare and speeds up the metabolism, thus burning fat.


2 tablespoons of honey
A tablespoon of cinnamon
250 ml of water


Pour the water into a saucepan until it begins to boil. Add cinnamon, cover and let cool. Then add the honey and mix the ingredients well. Do not put honey when the water is still hot because it could lose all its nutrients.

It is advisable to drink this mixture twice a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before going to bed. In a few weeks, this drink will melt fat effectively.

Cinnamon is known for its flavor and aroma, and cinnamon powder is rich in antioxidants. This spice is ideal for neutralizing free radicals that promote the accumulation of fats and toxins, and accelerate the aging process. According to recent studies, cinnamon can also increase insulin sensitivity. It helps the body to control blood sugar and produce less insulin. When the body has high blood sugar levels, it can increase the body’s fat content.

Honey is rich in minerals and nutrients that give the body energy and speed up metabolism. Its antioxidants help melt fat by accelerating metabolism and neutralizing free radicals associated with weight gain. In addition, a US study conducted in 2008 showed that rats that ate high-honey foods gained 23% less weight than those who ate foods containing refined sugar.

Note that for optimized results, you must practice regular physical activity.

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