Parents leave their baby a year with the nanny. When they see it the next day, their blood freezes!

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When you’re a parent, it’s never easy to leave your baby to a babysitter. Even though most nannies are trustworthy, no one knows what can happen to our baby while we are away.

Joshua Marbury fully trusted his nanny. But when he found his son Joshua covered in bruises the next day, he decided to turn to the police. Yet what the law enforcement officials told him horrified him!

So he decided to post this indignant message on Facebook:

“TWO months ago, if not more, our babysitter kissed so much on my son’s face a year ago that he had bruises. The doctors (who actually showed us handprints) and the detectives told us that it could have killed him.

After several days, if not a week, distracted by my job, the babysitter told us that she had hit him. However, this person was not arrested because no one put a case and found a judge to convict her BEFORE she goes to jail.

After TWO months of waiting, we learned that the charges were dropped BECAUSE my one-year-old son can not testify verbally that he was abused and because he did not show any signs of suffering OR that this person did not do this “intentionally”.

I am SO furious that I hope that something will be done and that it makes the buzz. I settled my accounts with GOD and his “advice” not to seek revenge. RULE YOUR ACCOUNT, you have to make an oral confession and there is evidence that shows hand prints !!!!

A corpse can not say who killed him. And yet, we do not expect the same from a baby when he can not speak ??? Well, a corpse can not speak either. It’s a blasphemy.

You (the police) have waited two months if not more to tell us that? Something has to be done. NO ONE can hit a child and get away with it just because the child can not express it orally. ”

Thousands of people have already shared this message to support Joshua and his family against the injustice they face. The young parents appealed the court ruling hoping that a new trial will recognize the abuse of the child.

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