Permanent natural hair removal: Here’s how to remove all the hair from your body naturally and forever … With 2 oils!

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The complete depilation of the body is a skin care which allows to lighten the skin and to remove and / or heal the deep scars, that said, it does not wax anyhow and by running the race with the time like using shaving or laser for example.

Whenever you try to remove all the hair from your body, they reappear in two days as if you had not done anything! Whether on your legs, armpits or arms, the result will be the same, because they will continue to grow faster and faster … If you care about the health of your skin and you hope for a permanent and effective hair removal , stop everything and trust Natural hair removal.

Good reflexes before a natural hair removal:

To prevent your body hair from growing back within two days of your hair removal, you need to understand some basic rules. First, hair removal should never be done after a shower or bath because this error will be extremely painful.

Before you wax, do a skin scrub, because it removes dead skin cells and more hair than usual. The scrub is done by rubbing the skin with circular movements once or twice a week using a horsehair glove.

It is also avoided to wax before exposure to the sun, because salt is very irritating to the skin by promoting the appearance of redness during hair removal. On a regular basis, consider applying moisturizer or coconut oil to promote hair removal without incarnation.

Here is an INCREDIBLY effective method to epilate naturally and permanently:

For this recipe, you will need a combination of 2 natural ingredients that you know very well:

Some seeds of Cyperus Rotundus (20 grams)
A tablespoon of olive oil.
Method of preparation:
To get started, put the Cyperus seeds in a blender and press “On” until you get a well-ground powder. Then mix this powder with a tablespoon of olive oil before putting the result in a vial to cover with newspaper.

The bottle is exposed to sunlight for 40 days while stirring every morning.

Manual :
After 40 days of sun exposure, filter the mixture and store the oil. This is to be applied to each area that will be depilated.

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