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To finally have clear ideas on what really pleases men, we gave them the floor. A smile ? A pair of high heels? Plumper forms? What exactly fills their eyes with males? When we listen to them, it seems simple enough, finally, to be … beautiful!

Smile ? True !

If only we could see each other with their eyes … Maybe we would lower our requirements and impose less constraints! The smile is the big winner of our investigation. “Even if it is not very pretty or badly fagotée, it is enough that a woman smiles, and hop, it shines, affirms Bertrand, 31 years old. Me, the more it goes, the more it makes me the effect. Is it serious doctor ? No, it’s even common. At Olivier, 38, it’s even more pointed: “The precise moment when the face lights up when a smile is born. It is at this moment that a banal woman can become sublime. This attraction is a little sexual, if we believe the writer Robert Sabatier: “The smile is the beginning of the kiss” … But it is also the sweetness that emanates that touches these gentlemen, including the ideal woman would be kind to first quality (46%) *, far ahead of intelligence (18%)! (*) Journal des Femmes, 2011.

The heels ? Archi-True!
That’s a hit with men! As Stéphane, 25, points out: “The heels, or the size of the woman, the feminine insurance and the class on balance. ” Just that. Gaël, 27, adds: “Yes, the heels give a posture and a look to the women who make them beautiful. “Certainly, the high heels lengthen and refine the leg, and give us that swaying gait that Marilyn, it seems, did not hesitate to accentuate by removing a good centimeter to his left shoe …

Makeup ? Rather fake …
At first, we thought we had fallen to nudists’ faces: most boys are not really fans of make-up. An opinion confirmed by some studies, including an English * listing the worst pitches make-up by men: excess of blush, foundation, shiny lipstick or eyeliner at the Amy Winehouse. Among them, 10% would even prefer that their companion is not at all disguised. A feeling that understands Antonin, 27 years old: “Help! A woman who assumes natural or who wears very little makeup will always be more beautiful than a woman who does too much. My obsession is the foundation. “Same for Yvan, 31 years:” I wonder what disgusts me more than the gloss. Color eye shadow, perhaps? ”

Unhappy, rather than throw away our makeup kit, we dug, and understood: men love the make-up provided they allow themselves to be abused. If they do not see anything, it’s because we did our job well. Exceptions ?

The lipstick, which seduces more than one: “But beware, red and only red! Sexy rockabilly genre, “Stéphane teaches us kindly.

As for the smocky eye, it is Mathieu, 33, who praised it: “A beautiful brunette with smoky eyes, it drives me crazy. Yes, we see. It’s just a little difficult to find one’s way between the tastes of some and those of others. They reassure us: “A woman who has done something to make herself beautiful, whatever her physique, is already prettier than the one who does not care. When I see that a woman has made an effort, it touches me. Thank you, Henry, 48 years old!

The youth ? False!
This is the surprise. It is nice to accuse them of lying, guys are formal: youth, it does not necessarily make them crazy.

Anthony, 29: “Between a young and an old woman of equal beauty, I would tend to prefer the older one. In the quadras and fifties, like Jean-Claude, 55, it’s even clearer: “A body that has lived excites me. He is sweeter, more alive. ”

Francis goes on: “A pretty girl, after a few trials and one or two decades, can become staggering in beauty. The face is marked, everything is finer, more true. ”

But, finally, these lines, on our face, these softness in the skin, the breasts that sting of the nose, do not bother them? Imagine that our question shocks them, we are considered intolerant of the mirror. It would be in our head …

Power and money? VERY WRONG !
It was nice to have questioned rather modern guys, none answered spontaneously: “What makes a woman beautiful? Power, money, the aura of power! Certainly, women attracted by men of power do not necessarily admit it in these terms. But there, even when digging, none seemed seduced by Madonna, Glenn Close or a politician.

Afraid to be castrated, boys? “No, it’s just that it does not make you really pretty … It can be exciting, or admirable, but it has nothing to do with beauty,” says Yvan.

No, men do not prefer blondes!

In general, they claim to prefer brunettes (at nearly 60%), even if we remain convinced of the opposite (for 80% of women). This is revealed by surveys conducted here (1) as elsewhere (2).

In fact, they do not care a bit: “Certainly, I prefer brunettes, begins Alain, 42 years old. For me, the blonde with blue eyes is too doll. But look at this girl who passes, blonde and full of character … I think in fact your question is stupid! According to them, hair color does not have much to do with beauty and only needs to “go well”. “But above all, keep your hair long,” begs Gabriel, 23 years old. Yes: 58% (3), they say that long hair is a seductive asset if they are detached. Long live the manes in the wind!

1. Ipsos / Prod Res, 2005. 2. University of Westminster, 2012. 3. The Internet user, 2011.

The style ? Archi-True
As for clothes, and the look in general, they are more sensitive than we think. But not just for the sake of appearances. “Anything that looks like you is working. A woman in her skin, in harmony with what she is, it is very beautiful. I guess you boost your pheromones when you feel good! Jerome, 38 years old.

In the image of the wife of Francis, 48: “She became sublime when she found her style: cross dresses that go very well to his” format “of body … It’s pretty, and like she feels good, it’s unstoppable: she’s a hit. ”

Maternity? Archi-true!
It is Anthony who opens the ball: “There is only one thing that is more beautiful than a pregnant woman: his own pregnant wife. An idea shared by many, all ages and styles.

Like Matthew, 37: “Her bright eyes, her complexion, she was happy … really beautiful. Gaël ignites: “A pregnant woman, in our mind, is a woman who gives. And then something happens, a weird chemistry that makes you hot. The skin changes, the smell … Mmm! Of course, we are tempted to think that here (subjective) love speaks louder than aesthetics (objective). But Julien, a 40-year-old bachelor who has never been a dad, responded quickly: “It makes you bright. This will please those who, in the third quarter, feel a little too … fulfilled!

Humor and spirit? Rather true …
For many, a beautiful woman without humor, and therefore without spirit, loses its charm. And, conversely, a medium physique can become devastating if it is accompanied by a mischievous intelligence …

What Matthieu confirms: “A beautiful woman without humor, it does not work. A goddess body calls a little spirit, otherwise, what a disappointment! ”

For Alexis, 33, it is a pledge of girl antiprise head: “The sense of humor, it makes communication simple and joyful. ”

Erwan, 39, adds, “I call it” sparkling “. It reflects intelligence and honesty, and that’s all that makes beauty. If in addition she wears a skirt with boots, it does not spoil anything! (Laughs)

Shapes ? True !
If 34% of men like thin girls, they are 45% to prefer those “advantageous forms”, reveals a survey of the site The Internet realized in 2011.

But what does that mean? Mature with big boobs? Big but well rolled? In fact, it’s not so much a question of weight as of “geometry”, as Marceau, 52, explains: “From shoulder to waist and waist to hips, triangles. Breasts, buttocks, cheeks: circles! ”

In the United States, the psychologist Devendra Singh (University of Texas) has deduced, from the physical characteristics of Miss America’s fifty-year-old female candidates, that men are still attracted to women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 70%, even when they are plump. Conclusion: These gentlemen care less about the weight of a woman than the way her fat is distributed.

“The curve of the hips is a plus that always leaves me dreamy, recognizes Olivier. I find this curve pretty graphically, wonderful to caress, to kiss. And breasts? Of course, it freaks them out. Forcably big? That, our respondents do not care. In front of our dubious look, it’s Gilles, 30, who answers honestly: “Your question is” what makes us beautiful “, not” good “… It’s different, right? ” Exact.

They love…
” FAILURE ! Yes, even a huge spike, it can make beautiful. “Despite” or “because”? That, I do not know. (Francis, 48)

“THE ALLURE, THE APPROACH, THE POSE. Even just sitting on a terrace, the way your legs cross can be beautiful … or not! (Ardavan, 34)

AN ANCIENT … I’m talking about this fine tie, which makes the figure graceful. Barefoot in the sand or floor of Louboutin, it is to fall. And then the muscular calf, so often hated girls while it is a feast for the eyes and an invitation to imagine the firmness of the body that is still hidden. (Olivier, 38 years old)

“Sometimes it’s just a gesture, it spills you. I’ll think about it all day, your question! »(Fabrice, 35 years old)

“THE HEAD PORT, the neck, the support and the camber to reach the buttocks …” (Cyril, 38)

“My wife, what makes her beautiful is her way of being present, of occupying space. To impose oneself without forcing. Her beauty is THE APPARITION, the pace, she was not there the second before and already she captures all the attentions. »(Christophe, 40 years old)

“When she has DESIRE, when she wants me … In those moments, she is really beautiful, so beautiful that I would like to stop time. (Matthew, 37)

“When a woman is PASSIONATE by a man, a subject, a book, a cause, a child, whatever it is sparkles. (Jérôme, 38 years old)

A VOICE can make you beautiful. Rude, sweet, especially if she swears with your physique. »(Jean-Claude, 55 years old)

” A SCOOTER ! That’s wonderful. A girl, with a helmet, running on a scooter, I love. (Emilien, 45 years old)

“As I get older, I find fewer and fewer women are not beautiful. I do not know if I am more indulgent or if I appreciate the DIVERSITY of beauties better, but it is very pleasant! »(Louis, 52 years old)

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