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Relaxed skin, or so-called flaccid skin, is a purely aesthetic problem for men and women. This is what is meant by the accumulation of fat in the arms.

Human skin is a tissue that evolves over time until it reaches the point t0 where the fall seems inevitable. In fact, men and women, who have reached a certain age, end up with soft, inconsistent, gelatin-like arms – so-called flabby arms.

Why do arms become flaccid or loose?

Women with a very advanced age can not stand to be noticed on their arms and prefer to camouflage them with embarrassment.

The lack of tone and elasticity of tissues specific to flaccidity is clearly perceived on palpation. It may be a sign of the aging process or result from prolonged immobilization.

To tell the truth, the flaccidity of the arms is not an irremediable phenomenon, but on the contrary, quick and effective exercises make miracles in this matter like the ones we propose you following:

4 exercises to eliminate flabby and slackened skin

1. The pump exercises:

Put yourself in the position of the pumps by pressing on the toes, the well aligned body and the head looking towards the ground. You have to bend your elbows down to the ground and make your arms form a 90 ° angel.

Make pumps as much as possible.

2. The exercises of the Dips:

Sit on a bench, support your body with your supporting hands and start climbing up and down again and again.

Repeat several times until you are exhausted.

3. Rowing exercises:

Begin by bending your knees slightly and lowering your dose with your palms down and lifting a dumbbell. You have to lean down everything now your back straight.

Begin to lift and return to its original position at a slow but steady pace.

Exhale as you lift the dumbbell, contracting the forearms and back muscles, and inhale as you lower the dumbbell.

4. Triceps extension:

Stand with your feet firmly apart and hold a dumbbell in one hand. Reach your arm over your head holding the dumbbell with both hands.

Then, lower the forearms backward with a circular motion until they touch the biceps. The arms should stay close to the head and the forearms parallel to the floor.

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