She is 12 years old and is being raped by her father-in-law, but her mother does not believe her, so she gives him an ingenious trap!

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A 12-year-old teenager from Belgium was finally able to escape her pedophile father-in-law, who was abusing her when she returned from school.

It was during a karaoke party that the girl’s mother met this man several years ago. So she left her husband, and settled with his daughter at his new friend’s house

But, this story became a nightmare for the little girl, because a few months later, the man began to abuse her.

He made sure he was alone at home with the 12-year-old girl, and then acted without a witness. The girl confided in her mother, and the mother confronted the stepfather who of course treated the teenager as a liar, and denied it altogether. Being in love, the mother came to the conclusion that her daughter was lying.

So he continued to practice his room on the small for several other weeks, until it comes to foment a plan to get out of this horror. So one day, when she was back from school, she took the trouble to turn on the dictaphone of her iPhone, in order to record what would happen if her father-in-law tried something again and that’s exactly what he did. This time, after listening to the recording, the mother had to believe her daughter.

The father-in-law was sentenced to 4 years in prison, even though he had been acquitted for lack of evidence, in a similar story.

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