She marries him for his fortune, but after his death, everyone notices that he was far from stupid!

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Aged 68, the French Marcel Amphoux has always been very lonely. He has always been very simple and very modest. He had no electricity or running water in his house.

However, it is by living this way that he has been able to make huge savings over the years. In addition, he has a field in the Alps, near Puy-Saint-Pierre, an inheritance he had from his parents. The land was halfway between a busy winter sports resort and several luxury villas, so its price climbed several million euros each year.

Despite his enormous fortune, Marcel was not seen as a rich man.

Driven by the spirit of sharing, he built his house and let his family and friends live there without having to pay rent.

Marcel did not care so much about women. However, in 2010, he falls on Sandrine Devillard. Aged 47, she lived in Paris and she completely changed Marcel.

Marcel had been warned by his friends and family. All told him that Sandrine was only interested in her fortune. They told him that their union was planned. For starters, she had gone to see Marcel to buy some of his land, but the latter refused and she ended up with the guest for a one-to-one dinner.

Everyone was paying a lot of attention to this rather bizarre couple. A beautiful woman with a sturdy old man, but with torn clothes, it could not go unnoticed.

It was clear that there was only money that mattered for Sandrine. Marcel did not seem to consider the rumors circulating.

The couple married a year after their first meeting in the Hautes-Alpes region in south-eastern France.

The doubts expressed about the sincerity of her love touched Sandrine enormously. And that did not stop even after their marriage. She did not leave Paris and Marcel still lived in her hut in the Alps. Both spouses saw each other regularly.

Only a year after the wedding, Marcel had a car accident with two of Sandrine’s friends and unlike Sandrine’s friends, he lost his life. The rumor swelled that Sandrine had something to do with this accident.

Sandrine was very affected by the disappearance of her dear husband at the burial, however, it did not take long to put the family and friends of Marcel at the door of his “new home”.

But Marcel had a big surprise for everyone: a signed will.

Marcel took care to share all his belongings before his death. The houses will be for the villagers while his friends and family will inherit his money and everything else.

Nothing was meant for Sandrine.

It seemed that Marcel had felt that his wife had black ideas.

Sandrine sued on the grounds that the signature on the will was false. But the court came to the conclusion that the signature was indeed authentic four years later.

No property of Marcel has been bequeathed to Sandrine. This real story shows the meaning of the saying: “Rira well who laughs last”.

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