She slept with her husband’s best friend. Then the unthinkable happens!

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Due to infidelity or betrayal, many marriages end in divorce, even though there are still some people who think that marriage is meant to last a lifetime, and whatever happens. In this article, you will read the story of a woman who slept with the best friend of her husband and what happened …

Recently, South Korea legalized adultery. However, South Korea is a country that is against infidelity, which has generated a wide range of opinions among its inhabitants. Some were so irritated because for them, adultery is a crime and can annihilate an entire family. But in reality, no one can deny the fact that today, adultery is part of our society.

Here is a brief story that speaks specifically about infidelity

It’s the story of a married couple. The husband was packing his stuff because he was going fishing with his best friend for the weekend. But the best friend in question was the lover of the wife. After the husband left, his wife decided to invite her lover home and they began to make love for hours.

While they were recovering from their strength, the phone rang. It was her husband. He explained that he was spending a great weekend with his best friend. Her lover could only hear part of the conversation, so he asked her, after she finished her conversation, who was on the phone.

“It was my husband,” she replied. “He explained to me how much fun he had in your company.”

It is often said that what is good for one is good for the other. Committing adultery is, for some, something banal while others may be hurt and devastated by this betrayal.

Stay married after an infidelity?

Stay married after an infidelity?
After an infidelity, it is very difficult to heal a broken heart or to pick up the pieces. If, despite everything, the unfaithful husband or wife wants to stay with his partner, the time to go over everything that happened could be long … You must then take on you, go through these feelings painful and above all, recover the trust of your partner.

Trying to make that pain disappear is only part of the job. Indeed, you must commit body and soul to rebuild everything. Taking the necessary steps to revive a marriage can sometimes lead to the return of the emotional bond and desire of the past. A marriage counselor can be of great help.

When you are married, you expect the other things, mainly loyalty. If one spouse decides to have an extramarital affair, the other may be emotionally destroyed. And if they decide to eventually divorce, the person may never trust someone else and, therefore, be left alone, heartbroken, destroyed, no longer trust her, and can even fall into depression.

Psychologists explain that, while men deceive their wives, it is largely for sex, unlike women who seek that emotional intimacy that no longer exists in their marriage. However, both act the same way when they discover the infidelity of the other: rage and humiliation. In any case, the reasons why they commit adultery differ.

This article shows some consequences in the context of an infidelity. As it was explained, adultery is committed when they find that their marriage is no longer as before, when they feel that there is no longer this little “spark”. However, before committing such an act, think about what you risk losing. If you feel something is missing in your marriage, take the time to talk to your spouse. He or she will be more likely to give the best of himself to fill the missing desire.

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