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The choices we make in terms of color of clothing have an impact on our everyday life and especially, the perception that others can have of us. Explanations.

In recent years, chromotherapy has also made a place in the world of interior design. But by the way, what exactly is it? Those who practice it believe that colors have a real influence on our physical and mental well-being. For now, no scientific study has been able to demonstrate categorically the benefits of chromotherapy, but after all, why not.

Here, it’s not about medicine, but about dress style. Why do you tend to choose one color and not another? Does this play a role in your everyday life? And if so, which one? Decryption color after color …

Gray: If you are the kind to favor gray in your outfits, it could mean that you are not a natural very happy. In any case, that’s what you refer to others. To remedy this, do not hesitate to mix all with a light touch.

Black: When you’re a black fondue, it’s usually a well-defined personality.

With you, it’s all or nothing, it must be done!

With you, it is almost impossible to stay in the half-measure, it’s all or nothing. You release a certain strength of character and authority. Not bad is not it ?

Silver: Wearing the silver color symbolizes a certain emotional stability. You are surely balanced (lifestyle “healthy”, sports and healthy eating). In short, you return a positive image.

Red: If red is one of your favorite colors, you must be a warm and energizing person.
In red, you seem to overflow with heat and energy.

For others, you have a feeling of courage and determination.

Gold: Walleye is one of the predominant colors of your dressing room? This means that you certainly enjoy a lot of self-confidence and are not afraid to exercise your creativity. In the eyes of others, you radiate, they only see you. We must also be able to bear it.

Orange: At the moment, are you addicted to orange? So you must be ready to make a change in your life.

Ready for new adventures in orange?

In any case, you give the image of an enthusiastic person, who seems open to new opportunities.

Green: Green is sometimes associated with bad luck. This color is a sign of harmony and good health. If it’s your favorite color, it’s because you definitely have the lifestyle that goes with it.

Yellow: Wearing yellow makes you an inspired and sociable person to others.

So, inspired?

You certainly have great facilities to make friends and work relationships.

Rose: No, pink is not “the color of girls”, but rather that of youth and authenticity. You must be someone spontaneous and honest, naturally attracting others.

Purple: If you wear purple right now, it’s because you may be in a transition phase in your life.

Violet does not only broadcast good waves …
Unconsciously, others perceive this color as a sign of emotional stress. Purple yes, but not in total look (signal too powerful).

Brown: The brown reflects nature and simplicity. When others see you, they feel like you’re a solid person and that’s reassuring.

White: As cliche as it may seem, white gives a sense of purity and perfection.

In white, you will be absolutely perfect!

In the eyes of others, you are instantly irreproachable.

Blue: Freshness, relaxation, carefree, blue is often the color of big kids. You have kept your soul juvenile and that, others can feel it. It’s a great asset to break the ice with the less receptive people.

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