That’s why people born under the sign of Taurus are exceptional!

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Born between April 21st and May 20th, the Bulls have the reputation of having bad character and being stubborn … It’s not quite wrong we’re not going to lie! But Taurus is more than a mule head with a strong character …

Taurus is sensitive

He will not necessarily show it but Taurus is incredibly sensitive. He feels all your emotions, is very moved and is very concerned about what you think of him but not narcissist … he does not want to disappoint anyone.

Taurus is generous

Heart on hand and so much more … He is willing to sacrifice everything for his friends and family. He would go out of his way to help those he loves.

He is sociable

He has easy contact, likes to meet new people and discover! He is interested in everything and everyone and loves more than anything to party and convivial moments. He is always ready for an improvised fiesta and it is often he who sets the mood until the end of the night. He is an epicurean who lives a little day by day and knows how to take advantage of every moment

He is a worker

It’s a work beast! He does not let go! Strong, determined and intelligent, he undertakes a lot and also succeeds enormously. He is not good at business but it is his audacity and his courage that often make the difference. and lead to success

He is faithful

In love as in friendship, Taurus’s relationships are always in the long term. Be careful though, he hates treason more than anything and will not forgive twice.

He is honest

Sometimes lacking tact, the bull is not in the lace … He has something to say he says it and can not pretend.

He is honest

Treachery and lying is not his thing, he can not even do it! Taurus is straight and he holds to this line of conduct more than anything!

He is passionate

Bouncy and curious about everything, Taurus is passionate and always invests 200%!

You will understand, in friendship, in love, in family or at work, Taurus is a being of exception! If you’re lucky enough to have one by your side, share this article to let him know how much you love his personality!

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