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We do not want to offend anyone, but according to a study done in England, men lie three times more than women, and especially women.

Why ?

There are different opinions: to impress the opposite sex, not to hurt a woman, fear, lack of self-confidence, infidelity, or even to have sex.

What are the most typical lies in men?

Do you feel concerned by one of these lies? Here is the ranking!
1. I am not married and I do not have a girlfriend. There are many women who, while already in a relationship, find out that their partner was actually married, or already had a girlfriend.

2. You are the first woman I do this with. By resorting to such a lie, the man wants to impress his companion, or he has lost his memory … The worst thing is that you know it, because he gave it to you one evening when he was a little too drank.

3. I had a problem with the car and I could not warn you. Sometimes, it seems that for men, it is easier to say that than to give other explanations.

4. I will never hurt you. Between what we say and what we do, the difference is great … we are all human beings. Even though he said he’ll never hurt you, he did!

5. Yes, I was with her, but nothing happened … The person who saw you in this bar did not tell me that nothing had happened …

6. I see her as a friend. You say that not to hurt, but you like it, admit it!

7. She’s just a co-worker. How many co-workers did you have relationships with? Because they pleased you more than me!

8. I’ll call you tomorrow. And he never calls. If by chance you meet him on the street a few days later, he tells you a second lie … “I lost your phone number”.

It may be a courteous way to tell you that you are not interested. Indeed, when a woman likes a man, he does what it takes to contact her, and if he has lost his phone number, he manages as best he can.

These are, for us, the 10 most typical lies in men. But, you surely know others, and the best …

Women lie better than men
What is certain, and so that no one feels offended, is that according to another study of infidelity, women lie better than men.

For the psychologist Manuel Alarcón Molina, women know how to better control the emotions related to guilt and remorse, and when they have a really important secret, they do not tell anyone, not even their best friend.

What about the unisex lie?
According to a survey conducted in England by 20th Century after the premiere of the series “Lie to Me”, it seems that the unisex lie exists, too … “But no, I’m fine, everything is fine.”

The survey, which includes the participation of about 2,000 people and the results were published in the Dailymail newspaper, said that if men say they have already lied about 6 times in the same day, the women, they admit have already lied 3 times in a day.

From there, you can draw your own conclusions …

Finally, if we believe this study, everyone lies: women on the money they spent (“What, this jacket? Oh, it’s been a long time since I have it”) and men on their outings .

We expect you, dear readers, to take this article to the second degree, which we ourselves have done in writing it … because ultimately we are all human beings, and both women and men lie.

Some more than others, and it depends more on the personality of each one than the condition of being a man or a woman.

And so that no one gets angry, we will end with a quote from Fabio Fusaro, author of several books on the couple “It is true that they lie more, but they do it better, without a doubt”.

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