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thieves of your energy ? We all have a certain energy load, which we must learn to use positively and not to disperse. The energies allow us to be motivated in our work, to have a positive spirit to face everyday situations and to make the most of all the opportunities that come our way. We have the power to dominate these energies, and to use them in our everyday lives. However, some external and internal agents disrupt our energy levels, causing a decrease in our motivation, our state of mind and our productivity.

Energies are the keys to achieving success and exceeding all the obstacles that come our way. We can renew each day these energies and make the most of them to implement our qualities, our talents, and all that allows us to distinguish ourselves as an individual. Taking into account that each individual is composed of energies, and that these are the determining elements of our personal and professional development, the great Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, has defined the 10 “thieves of our energy” that we must to know them all in order to dominate them and to avoid the interferences that could prevent us from taking full advantage of them.

thieves of your energy : Stay away from toxic people

“Let go of people who only want to share reproaches, problems, stories, disasters, fear and who are judging others. If someone is looking for a place to throw their garbage, make sure it’s not your mind. ”
We all have the ability to recognize who brings positive things to our lives, and who wants to prevent us from achieving what we want.

thieves of your energy : Pay your debts on time

There is nothing better for our tranquility than to know that we owe nothing to anyone and that nobody owes us anything.

“Pay your debts on time. At the same time, make someone who owes you something to pay, or choose to free him from it, if he can not be forced to do so. ”

Being responsible with your debts helps us to be serene towards the people to whom we owe and to ourselves. It is always better to do our best to free ourselves from debt and not to hide, or to be ashamed, because we can not pay them.

thieves of your energy : Keep your promises

“If you do not keep your promises, ask yourself where this reluctance comes from. You always have the right to change your mind, to apologize, to compensate, to re-negotiate and to offer another alternative when a promise is not kept, even if it does not have to be a habit. The simplest way of not having to hold something you do not want to do is to say NO from the start.

Promises, no matter how small, are of great value to the people we serve. Keeping promises makes us better people, both professionally and personally.


thieves of your energy : Delegate what you do not want to do

“Avoid as much as possible and delegate the tasks you do not want to do, and dedicate your time to doing what you love.”

It is not a question of shunning our responsibilities, but of being aware that, at times, it is better to give a job to someone who is more able to do it than to do it yourself if we are not not in the best conditions to achieve it. It is important to do things that are truly meaningful to our lives.

thieves of your energy : Rest and act

“Give yourself the right to rest if at times you need it. Give yourself the right to act if you want to seize an opportunity. ”

Nature and our lives have different daily rhythms, and it’s important to know how to handle that. Not taking a break when we need it can be a big mistake, in the same way that not acting when we can, can generate a lot of future remorse.

thieves of your energy : Throw, store and organize

“Discard, store and organize. Nothing takes more energy than a messy space filled with things from the past that you no longer need. ”
Whether it concerns physical or spiritual things, it is very important to throw away what we no longer need, to leave behind the past and to take only the few things that allow us to organize ourselves to live the present well, and fulfill our dreams of the future.

thieves of your energy : Take care of your health

“Give priority to your health, without the mechanics of your body working to the maximum, you can not do much. Know how to rest.
It is useless to have the best job, a lot of money and the best goods, if we can not enjoy being healthy and not paying attention to our body. To enjoy life with the best possible energies, we must dedicate some of our time to our body to detoxify, meditate, spoil, feed, exercise, go to the doctor, and do everything is necessary to be in good health.

thieves of your energy : Face difficult situations

“Face the toxic situations you tolerate, from your problems with a friend or family member, to the negative behavior of your spouse or the group you belong to. Take the necessary steps.

Dealing with difficult situations is the healthiest way to deal with problems and not to let them escalate to something worse. It is important to analyze and make a decision in time, because postponing or deciding to ignore things can only generate stress, difficulty concentrating and problems to find solutions.

thieves of your energy : accept

“Accept. It’s not resignation, but nothing makes you lose more energy than to resist and fight a situation you can not change. ”

Even if we all think sometimes that nothing is impossible, and that hope is the last thing to lose, it happens that in certain situations of life, we have to adapt to a situation that we can not change, and the only way to do it is to accept. To accept does not mean that we must stop fighting, but when we accept that we can not change something, we have the opportunity to change plans and look for other opportunities.


thieves of your energy : forgive

“Forgive, let go of a situation that hurts you, you always have the choice to let go of the pain of memory.”

One of the greatest sources of energy is love and connection with God, which teaches us to forgive. It is certain that sometimes life puts us in situations that fill us with anger, pain, resentment and fear, which are difficult for us to overcome. However, if we decide not to fuel those feelings and begin to forgive, our whole life will improve and we will realize that we have made a good decision. Hatred, rancor, anger are feelings that bring us nothing good and that can guide us to bad choices.

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