The 12 qualities of a perfect woman. Gentlemen, if your friend has one, do everything to keep it!

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The woman of her life is an expression that makes sense when you know the difficulty it can be to meet her.

This will most often be unexpected, and it almost never happens where you expect it, but when it crosses your path, it may change your life.
One day or another it will happen to us all (if it is not already the case), and if I have a good advice in this case it is to do everything to keep it close to you.

The difficulty is to know if it’s really her, but if it has one of these 12 qualities, then do not let it go:

1. She is as smart as you
We all need a smart woman who can advise us and tell us when things are or are not going well.
It is said that behind every great man there is an even larger woman, and that’s true.

2. Its beauty dazzles you
We all agree that beauty is not the most important thing but it is an element that can not be overlooked, we all need to be attracted to our half.

3. She is kind and considerate
We all need nice people who surround us especially if it is well and she will accompany you a very long time, and then if she is not able to be it is that she does not deserve his place near you.

Having a caring wife is crucial for your couple and especially for you, because you too need to be pampered, but also if you want to start a family one day, be sure to find the one who wants to be a mother, and which is made for that.

4. She is alive.
Life quickly becomes monotonous for each one of us, habits settle in our lives and it quickly becomes boring for everyone, that’s why it’s very important for you to find a lively, energetic woman and adventuress who pushes you to do new things, it will make you happier and get you out of your daily routine

5. She will always love you
This is certainly the most important quality you need to find in your wife. When a woman loves you, she will do everything for you. If you find a woman who loves you, then you have received the greatest gift that the Universe can give you.

6. She is able to compromise for you
We all like things to be done in our own way. But one of the vital points of a relationship is compromise. We are all forced to make sure that things work at their best and finding a woman who is ready to understand is essential for your future.

7. Feel good with her
One of the most important things is to feel yourself when you are with it, you do not have to be what you are not, if it is really good it will love you for what you are and not for what you want to appear!

8. She does not hesitate to tell you when it’s wrong!
We all need a woman who can put us back in place when we slip. Finding a woman who can keep us on track can change your life completely.

9. She is strong, but feminine
We all have different tastes (luckily) about the women who attract us. But ultimately all men need a strong woman, support. A mixture of strength and femininity is not incompatible on the contrary!

10. She is passionate
Passion is one of the most important things in life, life has to be filled with passion. Passion is also what unites two people, it is the most powerful pathogen of the world.

11. She is driven by a goal
We can understand that some men are looking for housewives, women who are able to hold a house, take care of children … Whatever, it is necessary that this woman has a goal! If your goal is to stay at home and keep it that’s fine, just make sure you do it.

12. She is everything for you
Love does not always control, sometimes we love someone more than anything without being able to explain it. Well, you do not need a reason. Love can not always be explained, if it represents everything for you, then take consciousness and do not lose it! We realize too often to be madly in love with a person after having lost it.

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